Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week of the uckies!

We're all feeling a little crummy over here. 

Mason started it with his teething a few weeks ago which morphed into a nasty cough/ cold. I know, I'm totally blaming the baby of the family. Sorry Mason!

Then Kensie caught it. I always know when she's on the verge of getting sick. She digs through the box of winter hats until she finds her warmest looking one. She'll put it on and wear it for the entire day. It's like she knows she's coming down with something yucky and her first response is to bundle up! 

Anyway...I thought I was in the clear until last night....

Sore throat. 


I could feel the mucus building with each passing minute. 

I then made a VERY POOR choice and took some NyQuil to help me sleep. I took it at 10:00pm. 

Mason woke up at an ungodly hour this morning and I drug my lifeless body out of bed, still feeling the full effects of the NyQuil. Boy did I regret THAT decision. 

Oh, and Greg has been working like nuts this week too! He came home around 1:30am last night for a shower and few hours of sleep and was out the door around 6am for another day of the grind! I only know this because he told me over the phone the night before what times he would be in and out. I have absolutely ZERO recollection of such events. I was probably drooling and spread out across the entire bed looking like  a desperate housewife.

Anyway, hoping to feel better by this weekend!

celebrating my birthday 2 weeks ago

We also have another birthday to celebrate this Sunday. Greg is turning 29 on May 6! I'm almost two weeks older. And for those two weeks my dear husband loves to remind me that he married an "older" woman. And I enjoy demanding more "respect" from him for those two short weeks. Teasing can just be so fun!
We're so mature.

So, we'll probably end up sleeping the day away on Sunday to celebrate after the week we've had. 
And that could potentially be his best birthday gift ever. 



  1. Oh no- feel better over there! Sounds like a b-day is in order for the weekend...have fun!!

  2. Hope you all feel better soon! I love how Kensie gets her hat, sow sweet!

    My Mom is 3 months older than my Dad and he still likes to remind her of it...some things never change! :-)


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