Saturday, September 29, 2012

Table swap and Fall decorating!

A few weeks ago my neighbor and I decided to have a "Hoarders" sale. I found the idea from THIS BLOG.  It was such a hilarious post, we both figured it was worth a try!

Long story short, we sold a TON of crap. We literally copied everything the blog recommended and it worked like a charm.

While sorting through our "crap" prior to the sale, I discovered my neighbor was selling a gorgeous dining room table (on her sister's behalf) for a mere $250. I've always adored our little antique table I found on craigslist about 4 years ago. It just always bothered me that it only came with 5 chairs. It was impossible to find a matching captains chair to complete the set. Plus, it was just a tad too small and rickety for when we had company over.

So back to the Hoarders sale...

I saw my neighbors gem of a table and we decided to swap tables right there on the lawn! 

We pulled my little table outside to the yard sale and put the "new" one right in my dining room. 

I ended up selling mine for $200 to a guy who pulled up on a motorcycle (of all the people I pictured buying it, he was the last one! We died laughing.). 

In the end, I paid $50 total for a pretty awesome upgrade. I got an almost brand new table (more solid and will last a lot longer) PLUS an extra chair than I originally had PLUS a table about two feet longer than my original.

Here she is in her new home! 

Some fall decorations may have crept in as well....

I still can't totally give up the beachy look. Do you spy the starfish on the wall (below)?

But I tried to incorporate some Fall elements in other ways...

 And who says white pumpkins don't go with everything?

So we're keeping a little beach around here. It makes me happy.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Revive my heart...

I was able to get away for a couple days last week. 




I was a bit crazy trying to get everything in order before the trip. If you're a mom of little ones, you know what I'm talking about. Figuring out childcare, making meals for the hubby and kids you are leaving behind. Pretty sure I yelled at my kids 486 times while I was packing and cleaning just an hour before I left. 

But oh my goodness...did I need this get-away.

I attended my first True Woman Conference down in Indianapolis, IN.

I have been to smaller church retreats in the past. But, when I saw over eight THOUSAND women in the Indianapolis Convention Center...

I was blown away.

It's hard to put into words everything I experienced with God in those two and a half days.

But I CAN tell you...

It was breathtaking.

It was challenging.

It was freeing.

It was convicting.

It was motivating.

It was encouraging.

It was powerfully lead by the Holy Spirit.

It spoke directly to my heart.

I left with this phrase running through my head....

"The more you know God, the more you will hear Him."

Lately, I've been kinda going through the motions. The daily routine of life. Ever been there? 


I've been wanting some direction in certain areas of my life and was just expecting God to point the way. What I haven't been doing is intentionally seeking Him. Pulling my face close to His and whispering what's deep in my heart. Absorbing His word and pouring over each verse with the intention to learn something fresh and new. I was getting distracted by shopping online, facebooking, pinning, and other silly things. 

I'm currently taking a break from FB and Pinterest. They are not bad things per say. It just turns bad when it's all I can think about. When it's the first thing I want to check at the beginning of the day. They are sucking my precious hours every day and it's time for a priority adjustment. I want to soak up every bit of Him so that when he does speak I can say, "Yes, Lord. I'm here!".

Mornings are not my friend. I don't like getting up. Plain and simple. I tend to complain about it too--which only perpetuates my bad attitude. Maybe if I get up just a bit earlier to start by seeking the Lord first, I will despise mornings a smidge less?? 

I'm giving it a try anyway...

After announcing my fast, one of my close friends asked, "So are you giving up the blog too?"


Still here.



You can listen to ALL the same speakers/ sessions that I heard at the conference online for FREE if you are interested! (My favorite speaker was Priscilla Shirer...I had goosebumps the whole time. Powerful speaker.)


Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mason {18 months}

Speaking of growing up around here....

THIS boy is 18 months old today.

Has a bubbly personality and a whole lotta spunk. 

A friendly little man who waves and smiles at anyone and everyone.

A professional "little brother" who knows exactly which buttons to push.

Is a lover of food, any kind of ball, trucks, putting things in his mouth, throwing things, hitting things, and getting dirty.

He's 100% boy and I 100% love him.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

A picnic birthday for Kensie {sweet & simple}

Life has a way of sneaking up on you. Never more true than when you have kids. Tiny, helpless, infants one minute. Jabbering, running, giggling toddlers the next. It's crazy to think our sweet Kensie girl turned 3 today.

 But, that's how life is. It's sneaky and crazy at the same time.

This girl loves all things princess and picnic related.

With both in mind, I decided this year to keep it super simple and to the point. We love you. We think you're a princess of the King. So let's do what you love most and have a picnic!

We started the day off with a decorated bedroom door. Squealing with delight does not even come close to the sounds that girl made when she woke up in the morning. Wish I would have caught her in action.

Then later in the day a tasty picnic dinner in the front yard...

No other guests. Just us.

But it was lovely.

No extra decorations (besides the helium balloons). Everything else we either had or borrowed.

No "real" gifts this year. The kids have more than enough toys and we wanted to change their perspective on birthdays a little. So, a quick trip to the library to pick out her favorite movies, and then to the grocery store to pick up the helium balloons--and the girl was thrilled.

We also signed up for a child through World Vision. Her name is Saundarya. She's the same age and has the same birthdate as Kensie. For now, Kensie loves watching the 15 second video of Saundarya coloring on a piece of paper (she watched it 4 times in a row) and she adores the fact that they both love playing with dolls. Hopefully this will mean more to Kensie as she grows up. Just another way to keep the focus away from us on our birthday. Planning to get Mason a child on his 3rd birthday as well.

Sometimes the simplest birthdays are the sweetest.


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some {Life} and some {Pinterest}

Life has been full here. As most of our lives are.

Full of hard things...

So much work and little time with my hubby and growing up even when we don't want to and diaper-changing and house-cleaning and getting sick and then getting better again and raising kids and yelling more than I like. 

Full of good things too...

Laughing and tickling and chasing each other down the hallway and snuggling and reading together and coloring and learning new words and being silly and going for walks and feeling full of life.

So to keep this post more interesting than my life ramblings thought I would share my favorite pins from this week...

It always is, isn't it?

Swimming pool made to look like a my dreams!

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Kensie is turning 3 in a couple days. We are forgoing a big party this year and keeping it simple. But I still like this cake.

Fall is coming whether I'm ready or not. Love this muted table setting.

I love this. Especially this past week.

DIY sweatshirt. This is SO happening. At some point.

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Okay so I thought this was funny. Ummm it has 63 repins and 30 likes. I mean I DID use the word "hilarious" in my description but sometimes I don't get how Pinterest works. 63 REPINS?? Come on people....there are way funnier things than this. 

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

Hoping to get a pic like this before summer is over!

Whether your kids just started school or you're the one running after them at home all day, I hope your September has started off well!