Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Well, I feel like I'm finally in the homestretch...officially 30 weeks today! It feels so good knowing there's only 10 weeks left (or less hopefully)! Here's a few pics I forgot to post along the way...

27.5 weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks!

My legs have definitely started swelling more...even at the beginning of the day sometimes. And the veins continue to worsen. But, I have learned how to camouflage and wear lots of long dresses and skirts to avoid the stares. I have a normal check up appointment Thursday, and after that I will go every 2 weeks. I still feel pretty relaxed. No nightmares of birthing yet. No dreams of ugly babies. Not too much anxieties really. But, I am anticipating the 2 month push where you feel like you have so much to do in so little time. We still need to paint the baby room and move all the furniture in. But, for now I'm doing pretty good. However, ask me in 2 weeks, and I may suddenly feel overwhelmed. We'll see...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Flood of '09

So here's the latest for those that did not hear about the torrential rain we had in our area last Friday night...

It started raining Friday evening. Lightning. Thunder. The whole works. It got progressively worse in a short amount of time. Before we knew it, there was a river running between our house and the neighbors. Greg was next door at the time helping a friend install some flooring. He called and frantically said to check the basement. I had just been down there 30 seconds before he called. When I returned, there was water pouring down the basement windows. My neighbor Jen was over at the time, and we quick grabbed some towels to stuff the windows with. Like that was going to help. Come on. It was like the ship was sinking. There's nothing you can do to stop it, so you start collecting as much stuff as you can to get it to a dry spot. Thankfully, our basement is unfinished. We have some old couches and carpet that we put down there for a temporary hang out spot.

Greg and Mark (neighbor) came back to lift the couches on rubber totes. That worked. For a while. Until the water was so high, the totes started to float. When we checked on them again, all 3 couches had fallen off and were halfway under water. In the meantime, Greg and Mark went around outside trying to "save the neighborhood". People with finished basements, and tons of keepsakes were helplessly under water. Kids down the street were rowing in canoes in the middle of the street while cars were barely able to drive to their homes for fear of floating away.
Our house has NEVER flooded since it was built. Our neighborhood has been flooded before, but never water in OUR basement. We moved in less than a year ago, and it floods. Go figure.

Anyway, it was a wild experience....here's some pics for the record.

front doorstep (8 inches away from the water coming through the front door..yikes!)

We propped up the baby furniture on anything we could find. The garage only had about 3 in.
The sunroom with 2-3 inches, but everything got cleared out before the water crept in...

The basement with 18 inches! This is after those darn couches fell off the totes. At least we tried to save them....oh well.

Our backyard completely underwater...

And proof that we did indeed survive...

That's right...22 inches!

We are drying out with fans and dehumidifiers that have been running nonstop since Friday. The water table under our house must still be high though because our basement still has water seeping through the walls. With yesterday and today being 90 deg and HOT and HUMID, it has not really help get the mucky mildew smell out either! But, I'm thankful we saved what we could, when so many others had to strip their basements down to the studs following this "100 year flood".

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Seventeen

A day late, but Happy Birthday Gretch! You're so fun, so energetic, so friendly, and now SOOO mature....well kinda :) Enjoy being seventeen. It only happens once!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Worth your time

This is a video worth watching as soon as possible. It is an encouragement and a blessing.


I have not stopped thinking about it ALL day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feeling encouraged

I have really appreciated all your kind words and have really felt encouraged since my last post. Sometimes you just need to vent you know?? But seriously, God has shown me kindness and comfort over the past few days. He has reminded me of his faithfulness during hard times while I sat and read old blog and journal entries. He reminded me of a verse in Hebrews that talks about making sacrifices and how you will reap the benefits in the end. He has reminded me of his creation. In the same way that our little girl is being knit in my womb, God has also knit me. I am beautiful. Pregnant OR not. I am beautiful. And, He has reminded me of the true and deep love my husband has for me. All the memories of how Greg has shown me grace and strength in the past came flooding back, and reminded me just how much he cares about me.

The Lord has brought me through so much over the last few years...why would He fail me now?? And as a mentor of mine said recently, at least there is an end in sight with this one...only 3 more months!

Not to say that these feelings won't re-enter in the future, but for now....I am resting in peace. :)

(26 weeks)