Thursday, August 11, 2011

Basement dreamin'

It's Thursday and my kids are napping.

I'm supposed to be doing my weight lifting routine in the basement on Thursdays.

But, today I'm zapped and don't feel like it.

It might have something to do with staying up WAY TOO LATE the past few nights in a row.

Why you ask? Oh, no reason really.

Other than coveting my time alone with the hubs while the kids sleep--watching movies, dumb TV shows, looking at cars on craigslist....really no good reason. And we are both paying for it. Dragging our feet. Suffering from headaches. Guzzling coffee and Mt. Dew. Yeah. We're smart like that.

So instead of getting fit in the basement I'm dreaming up ideas for that dungeon down there...

Like this basement laundry room:

I especially love the curtains covering the walls and the exposed white painted ceiling with the hanging lights. And that table covering the washer and dryer is awesome! So bright and cheery. Pretty much everything our basement is NOT right now.


And I would LOVE a larger playroom in the basement like this:


Fun colors, nice built in shelves to stay organized, and LOTS of room to play.


And maybe if I had a workout room that looked like this I would be down there even on those blah days:


Yes, I think I could easily lose track of time while looking at that mural. Simply stunning.


Man, I gotta go to bed early tonight....

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