Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blue and gray on the brain!

I've decided it's time for a color change in the kitchen/ dining area. It's currently green. A very cheerful celery green. Actually, it's called "garden fairy" by Benjamin Moore. With green curtains, green pillow covers, and seat cushions, a green painted hutch and green painted shutters. It's been this way for the past 3 years. And I really truly loved it. But a few weeks ago I decided I was done with green. Has that every happened to you? One day you just wake up, look at your walls and think, "I'm just DONE with that color". I like change, so we are switching things up and I can't wait to see the end result!

Here's what I've got in the works so far.....

The blue Waverly print fabric was what inspired this mini makeover. But, then I found THIS gorgeous fabric online and I had to get it....

It came with the striped coordinating fabric (below) and BOOM...had to get that too. My fabric selection was complete.

Now that I see all three prints together I can really visualize the end result! I'm going for blue/ gray with some beach-y elements. The fabric will be used to make curtains, pillow covers, seat cushion covers for the dining table, and a skirt for the built-in...and maybe a table runner if there's some left over.

Oh, by the way--I don't even OWN a sewing machine. Ha! I'll have to borrow my Mom's for a while...thanks Mom!

Gray can be a tricky color to pick too! And Greg is we are not big on painting more than once. So....we must be very careful. Very very careful. I will be staring at these paint chips for a while before we decide on a color. Plus, it needs to match the "vanilla cookie" by Benjamin Moore that we already have on the ceilings and adjourning walls.

Golly, I love decorating! Wait 'til you see the lights I bought over the weekend to mount on the wall in the fireplace room!!

Breath Shannon.....breath....


If you'd like to see the rest of my pinterest inspiration board on this project...go HERE.

Friday, February 24, 2012

A fashion post {this is a first and may or may not happen again}

Trust me.

I love a good outfit as much as the next girl. But, I also have two kids under two and a half. My typical day includes cleaning, cooking, crawling on my knees, changing poopy diapers, and carrying two 25 lb children on each hip at times. Yes, they EACH weigh 25lbs...Mason is a freakin' tank!

I have a stack of black and gray yoga pants {in varying lengths} so high it's not even funny. I probably should make them into two separate piles to be honest. It's that bad. I look forward to going to church on Sunday because it's the one day of the week I put effort into a cute outfit. {NOTE: I love church for much more than just dressing up...just trying to get the point across that I HAVE cute clothes, just don't get a chance to wear them much}.

I read a lot of blogs where other mom's (like me) make an extra effort to get past the sweatpants and a t-shirt ensemble during the week. Hmmmm that's a good idea. Think I'll give it a try...I always feel better about myself when I dress up. And what husband doesn't want to come home to good-lookin' honey!

So here's my week of dressing up...

Stayed home from church with a sick baby boy...but still determined to dress up!

navy dress-- Francesca's Collections 

white long sleeve shirt-- Maurice's

necklace-- gift from my sister

skinny jeans-- Target

wedge ankle boots-- ModCloth

Didn't end up leaving the house this day....the kids napped at weird times and made it impossible to take a trip anywhere. Not complaining that they are good sleepers. Just sometimes a girl needs to get out! But, at least I looked cute for the Mr. when he came home. And he noticed too...always a good thing!

navy striped dress and black leggings-- TJ Maxx

timberland boots-- online

neckalce-- gift from my sister

earrings-- Banana Republic

leather braided bracelet-- craft at church

Playdate at a friend's house. If you swap the jeans out for yoga pants, this would be what I wear most days...

navy sweatshirt-- Puma outlet mall

jeans-- hand me down from my sister from Victoria's Secret I think?

crocs slip-on shoes-- Amazon

Only two legit outfits (maybe 3 if you count jeans and sweatshirt?...maybe.)  to count for the whole week!


Here's why you won't see many of these kind of posts:
  1. Outfits are hard to put together! They are fun, but shoot it takes time. Lot's of trying things on and standing in front of a mirror. Staring at myself in a mirror for too long makes a girl crazy and a little self-obsessed, let's be honest.
  2. Taking pictures of yourself without a tri-pod or "helper" over the age of two is also difficult. And also takes time. And also requires looking at yourself over and over until you find a picture you like. Again--something I don't need to be doing.
  3. I really feel like I put energy into trying to dress up more and only came up with 2.5 cute outfits out of seven whole days? Not worth posting on a regular basis if you ask me.

Anyway, it was worth trying. And I definitely felt cuter than when I'm dressed like this...

I'm not saying dressing up every day is a bad thing at all. If you go girlfriend! And I'm also not saying I have a good enough excuse by having kids that I don't need to put some TLC into myself every day. So I will try to look nice for my hubby and kids on some days. And I will also wear my stretchy yoga pants on days when I feel like it. Gotta have a balanced life...right?

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Psssh...I can do THAT!

There's a difference between thinking you can do something, and actually doing it. Am I right?

Yesterday, I shouldn't have been too surprised when our kids pulled stunts where they both probably thought..."Psssh...I can do THAT MOM!"

The morning started with Mason hitting the deck right before breakfast. I set him in the high chair, turned around to grab the tray by the sink and heard a loud crash! (I know, totally my fault for not strapping him in). He must have leaned forward to try and grab the cheerios from the counter that were close by. He fell and the high chair tipped over and fell on top of him!! So scary. But, he hardly cried, and there's not a scratch or bump on the kid. Amazing. Pretty sure some angels caught him on the way down to the hard wood floor.

HAHAHA! You can't stop me mom!

Fast forward to just a few minutes before dinner the same day >>>>>

Kensie thought it would be a good idea to stand on her bouncy ball when I wasn't looking and she fell face first on the wood floor. Are you seeing a pattern with everyone falling on the wood floor? What is with that?! Tons and tons of blood from hitting her upper lip, and a front tooth partially chipped. This is her SECOND chipped tooth. Oiy. Thankfully they are just baby teeth.

bouncing their little hearts out...without a care in the world.

We have not had any major hospital trips as a result of injuries...but between these two, I'm pretty sure we will at some point. If they don't go, I just might. I nearly had 2 heart attacks in one day!!


Glad Monday is over!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Some "firsts" over the weekend...

Nothing big.

Just some kiddo updates that are fun to record...

First up, sweet little Kensie girl. Believe it or not, she has never {I repeat} NEVER had a hair cut. It just kept growing out so nicely with a touch of curl on the ends, so I never noticed it looking uneven. But, today after her bath, I grabbed those scissors and decided it was time for a trim....

She sat incredibly still on her cute little stool.
She even let me blow-dry it at the end!


For the next 4 hours all I heard was, "Mama cut miya haiyer..."
Reason #245 why I was putting off the whole "cutting of the hair". I vividly remember cutting my own hair as a child and hiding the evidence behind the entertainment center.


Moving on to Mr. Mason man...
The boy has been army crawling since he was 8 months old. Then he started cruising along furniture at 10 months. And he gets going pretty fast! He will be walking any day now. But, for some reason he has a hard time going from the sitting position to standing (without some help). Probably has something to do with the fact that he is 11 months old but weighs as much as my 2 and a half year old!!

Anyway, this is a BIG first for him...

I walked in to get him up from his morning nap and found him standing up for the first time!! Something so simple but, for some reason it just warms my heart so much.

I grabbed the camera quick to get it on video...enjoy!

These two are growing up so fast!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crafty weekend! {plus garland tutorial}

Mason is turning one in less than a month.

And for once in my life, I'm actually getting a head start on party planning.
Also unreal.
{I'm a dreamer AND a procrastinator if you couldn't tell already. Bad combo.}

So, here's some pinterest inspired projects I accomplished over the weekend!

I love all kinds of garland. This one might be my new favorite! It's a mix of a few different ideas I found on pinterest.

Here's what you need to make it:

{1} I found this giant pack of rainbow assorted scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby (50% off)

{2} Paper punch I already had (also from HB)

{3} Basic yarn (HB)

{4} Use the punch to punch out a variety of patterned paper and fold them in half.

Next, grab your average glue stick.

{5} Place the yarn inside your folded paper and glue shut!

{6} I spaced them randomly in groups of 1, 2, and 3 on the yarn. I think it gives it a vintage feel.

{7} Hang your cheerful garland!


My Mom brought her sewing machine over yesterday to help me make these fun ruffled streamers!

I won't bother with the tutorial.

GO HERE to find out how easy it is! This lady posts great photos and very helpful hints.

I followed it exactly and I'm so pleased with how they turned out!

I bought 4 rolls of streamers not knowing how much I would need. 
2 rolls of white.
1 roll of blue. 1 roll of yellow.
I may have to go back and buy some more.

I could see re-using these for parties/ weddings/ showers to come!!


And's how I spent 2.5 hours last night.

Let's pretend I'm kissing my hard-working mommy arm in the middle pic and not (what looks like) smelling my armpit.

Can you tell I'm pretty proud of myself?

Greg kept asking if I needed help but me and my darn competitive nature just had to finish it on my own!

Well, I'm proud to say I did.

And, after all that effort I couldn't wait to give it to the kids the next day. I think they appreciate it. And happy early birthday to Mason...this is your big present!


Phew! What a weekend of productivity.

Feels so good...

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PS- if you'd like to see the rest of Mason's 1st birthday inspiration board visit my pinterest page HERE.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Basement {phase 2ish)

Just a recap...

Here's a pic I showed you yesterday. This is what our basement looked like as of last Friday:

And, here's a pic I snapped this morning! The treadmill is in the exact same spot (to give you a better perspective).

As Greg always says, "It's gotta get worse before it gets better!"

Ain't that the truth.


And if you would like to see some of my other basement dreams from a while back, click HERE.

So many possiblities!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If you like "before" pics...well then, these are for YOU!


Last Thursday night, after the kids were in bed, and we were happily plopped on our separate couches with separate laptops, scrolling through our separate FB accounts, exchanging the highs and lows of our day (yes, our life is really THAT exciting...don't be jeal.) Anyway, Greg announces that he would like to invite 2 of his brothers over on Saturday to help gut the basement.

Whoa. Hold up.

(**blink with perplexed brows and shake head slightly at the same time**)

I was shocked.

What?! We've been talking about finishing the basement for HOW LONG and all of a sudden you want to gut the basement on SATURDAY!? (Please understand: my husband needs T.I.M.E. when making big decisions. Finishing the basement? I figured it was never gonna happen).


That's the good news.

The bad news is what I'm about to show you......prepare yourself as we enter the dungeon:

Good-bye happy world above ground level!

Welcome to the basement.

Now, it doesn't look so bad here (depending on your perspective)....

Other than the unorganized pile of junk haphazardly arranged on the floor. (There's a method to my madness, okay?) The only thing I actually use in this room: the treadmill.

But, what lies behind those walls of paneling you ask?
There's gotta be more to the basement than just this "junk" room, right?

Get ready for the most sarcastic basement tour of your life...
Lets go see what's behind that paneling then, shall we?

There was once a shower gracefully placed right under the ceiling light you see glowing in the picture below. While I never showered in it myself ('cuz we ripped the sucker out as soon as we moved in) I always thought it was so convenient. Placed right next to the exposed sump pump (the hole in the corner) for easy draining. PLUS, there was an outlet also directly above the shower. I imagined plugging in my blow dryer, so that the moment my shower was done, I could blow dry my hair without even stepping out!

Let's keep taking the tour, shall we?

Turn around.

Oh, look! I see some light down there....

Why yes there is! Let me TAKE you there! Come on!!
**skip skip skip**

THIS is the laundry room! Isn't it grand?!

 But, what's that dark color running down the wall underneath the window?
That's just from the flood of '09 where we got 18" of water in our basement.

No. Big. Deal.

And don't you just LOVE the variety of colors on the wall?

Golly, that horizontal striped pattern above the chest freezer (probably from old shelves, I'm guessing) adds SO much dimension. Don't you think??

And THIS? Well this completes the tour of course. Just another beautiful corner of loveliness.

Okay I'm done.
Let's go back upstairs where my brain can think clearly.

While I'm excited about the idea of having a usable basement with a larger playroom for the kids, I know it will still be a loooooong journey. And don't get too excited for the after pics. It will not look as nice as the upstairs. But, anything will be better than what we have now!

I'll take pics tomorrow of what it looks like gutted. Now that the walls are down, I can see the whole basement at once. Lots of day-dreaming will happen in the next couple weeks.

Stay tuned!