Sunday, January 29, 2012

The trying and tiring two's

Before I had children I would cringe when people started groaning about the "terrible two's". They would depict fist-throwing fits where children would start to scream in the middle of the grocery store. And these toddlers wouldn't stop screaming. They would melt into a puddle of jello and refuse to walk. And when you try to pick them up they would throw their bodies into convulsions, screaming even louder. The mother would end up ditching the full grocery cart, drag (literally) the screaming child out of the store in complete embarrassment and drive home in misery.

I'm not saying it's  that terrible--not yet anyway (or maybe I'm just trying my hardest to come up with other titles because I enjoy living in oblivion that things aren't that bad. They can't possibly be THAT bad. Right?). Whatever you want to call it...

This stage is humbling

This stage is trying my patience.

And this 2 year old is making me plain tired!

with a capital T.

*Sigh*.....ohhhh this age.

Kensie (so far) doesn't seem to be a "throw-yourself-into-convulsions" kind of fit-thrower. And I have not had any horrible shopping experiences. She actually does very well going to the grocery store.  I'm not saying she doesn't throw fits. She just has different ways of throwing them. It usually involves covering her face and shedding lots of TEARS. Lots and lots of tears. Oh, to be a girl.

Currently my daily battles with miss Kensie include (but are not limited to):
  • Sharing toys with Mason or other playmates. And she's a sneaky one too. I once caught her in the act of stealing a toy from Mason. She paused and looked at Mason with a scowl. Then looked at me and said, "Mason, share Mama?" As in, Mason needs to share his toys with ME. Uh, yeah right little miss. I caught her red-handed and she tried to talk her way out of getting the consequence. Geesh. 
  • Dumping her cereal. If I don't take away her cereal bowl as soon as she's finished in the morning she dumps the bowl over and starts swirling the milk ALL over the counter. Every morning.
  • Putting toys away just before bedtime. Takes on average 30 minutes of repeating myself and then she winds up playing with the toys she's supposed to put away.
  • JUMPING ON THE COUCH. This one drives me absolutely nuts!! This is NOT a new rule in our house. I've been training her since she was walking that we do not jump or stand on furniture. I realize other people may be OK with this at their house. And I'm fine with that. But, at our home we DO NOT. She has been testing this one like crazy lately! I feel like giving this battle up at times but I'm still determined to keep trying.
  • Taking shoes off and ponytail out while in the car. It doesn't matter where we are going, the girl will take her shoes off and throw them across the van. The ponytail also comes out and I can never seem to find it again. There's probably a thousand hiding under her car seat.
  • Throwing things in the house. Once I walked in her bedroom after nap time and her lamp was knocked over b/c she chucked every dolly and blankie with all her might across the room.
  • I'm sure there's more but, that's all I got for now....

I know it's just a stage. Like so many others.

This too, shall soon pass. 

I know I will get through it.

I'm sure I will not feel like a good Mom at times.

But, just for record keeping, can I please show you this video? Please??...


Here's the scenerio:

They were playing SO nicely together. Kensie was rolling the ball back and forth while Mason giggled hysterically.

And as soon as I pull out the soon as Mom wants to document this sweet moment, it all goes downhill.

Moment ruined.

I was venting to a friend last week and we agreed that God definitely knew these early years would be the hardest. That's why (we concluded) He made them so darn cute at these ages. It's what makes the tough moments tolerable, and the sweet moments that much sweeter! Just look at these cute little buns...

Can't be mad at those cuties for too long...

Friday, January 27, 2012

Updates: this and that

We've had lots going on and I keep procrastinating forgetting to update the here it goes:

We had a lovely winter wedding {for my Mama} two weekends ago. It was held inside the most beautiful log cabin I've ever seen, tucked in the middle of a deep forest with trees covered in fresh morning snow. Beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have many pics so you will have to imagine the rest....

hanging out after the ceremony

the flower girl and ring bearer...they did awesome.
{even though their silly mom forgot the flower girl's shoes! Don't get me started...}

weddings are such a nice chance for family pics...

Mama and Terry...the lovely bride and groom.

trying to capture the gorgeous snow outside. Seriously, it was unreal.


Greg was gone the following weekend for a High School winter retreat with church. So, while he was enjoying sledding, broomball, and freezing his booty off....I enjoyed some quiet nights with candles, pinterest, my bible, and some precious moments with God. It was one of those potentially "lonely" weekends that turned out to be one of the most memorable two days I've had in a long time. I love how God speaks to us in love when we need it most. I was moved to tears Sunday morning during worship  just thanking him for his goodness. This blog is used to document these times so I can look back on them later. So important to me.

One of my quiet weekend nights--enjoying some leftover flowers from the wedding and my favorite scented candles.


Speaking of pinterest...

I tried a new brussel sprouts recipe! Greg is not usually a fan of this particular vegetable.
These were a hit! I especially like the cranberries mixed in. Gives it a little zing!

Go HERE for the recipe.

I'm also working on a post which I've already titled, "The trying and tiring two's".

Can't wait for that one huh?

Me either.

Thanks for staying tuned in!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Evening stroll

Strollers have been popular from the beginning.

Kensie has always loved pushing around various dollies, stuffed animals, and even Mason on occasion...

Is that my son??? Don't even recognize him here. Crazy.

But, today Kensie decided to switch things up a bit.

Is it just me, or is there something wrong in this video...

...that's what I thought.

The baby is pushing the toddler in the stroller.


Kensie thinks she's boss.
Mason thinks he's actually walking.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is NOT January weather.

We live in a place that snows in the winter.

Some years are better than others.
Some years are worse than others.

This is what January is suppose to look like.
(pic taken this time last year)

But, this year I feel like I'm dreaming.

We've been absolutely loving this warm spell in the middle of January!

I'm talking....
(1) NO snow.
(2) Green grass.
(3) Playing outside in just a light jacket.
(4) Yesterday it was nearly 50* F

Am I still in California??

It's motivated me to {finally} take down all the Christmas crap stuff.

I'm not getting tooooo comfortable with this heat wave though.

Snow is coming.

Like tomorrow soon.

Like 8" plus.

Oh well.
It was fun while it lasted.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A {not so fun} 10 month celebration.

Mason is generally a very happy baby.
Except when he's sick or teething.
And when he's sick AND don't want to be a guest overnight in our home.
Trust me.
When he wakes up he let's the whole house know it.
(Although Kensie and Greg NEVER wake up from his cries...those two sleep like rocks!)
During the day he is easily distracted.
But at night? It's a different story.

And (unlike Kensie as a baby) he does not go back to sleep without intervention.

He needs:
(a) a bottle
(b) mommy
(c) cuddling

So last night I was up from 2am-4am.

Happy 10 months little guy....

I hope you get those 2 front teeth soon.
You deserve it.
I deserve it.


On that note...this is a good post to tell you two things:
(1) I LOVE my role as a mother and absolutely think it is worth it to have kids.
(2) But, there are days like today, when I'm exhausted and wonder, "Can we just get to the next stage already!?!?"

Then I read THIS ARTICLE from a gal that (in my opinion) totally "gets it" as a mom.
I was so encouraged.
Read it.
If you have little ones, you will be encouraged too.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

10 months and moving fast!

Holy smokes! Is it really possible that Mason will be 10 months tomorrow??

What's even more unbelievable is how fast this kid is growing, learning and moving.
He's been army crawling for while now but just recently started cruising along furniture up on his feet.
And boy, is he happy about it....

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day {3 years ago}

It was January 1, 2009.

I woke up early and slipped out of our warm bed. The sun was just coming up. Greg was still fast asleep. I tip-toed to the closet to grab my yoga pants and a coat. Something comfy and warm. I had to run an errand. A short errand, but one that required getting dressed. I knew exactly what I needed to buy.

I quietly snuck out the front door and clicked it shut. Fifteen minutes later I was back with a plastic Walgreen's bag draped around my wrist. Inside the bag was a box. One small item that always costs more than you think. I was so excited to show Greg my little New Year's surprise but alas, he was still sleeping and I decided to wait. And wait. And wait.

Then I heard the bedroom door slowly squeak. He emerged scratching his head and squinting his eyes. Heading straight for the bathroom, I rushed down the hallway to beat him to the door. He gave me a warm bear hug and whispered "Happy New Year babe".  I quickly held up my Walgreen's bag and raised my brows with excitement, "I have a surprise for you...if you want to see it." His brows quickly matched mine. He knew what it was. And he knew why I was excited.

Yes. Inside that box was a pregnancy test. I was already a couple days late and just had that feeling. We had been trying for 6 months and were ready to start a family. So I opened the box, looked up at my scruffy handsome man and gazed into those familiar hazel eyes, "Should we take the test and see?" He replied with a sweet and silent grin.

It was such a special time for us. We prayed together as we waited for the results. Even though I knew in my gut that I was in fact carrying a baby inside...we still prayed that no matter what the results we would trust God.

And He decided to bless us with a baby. Nine months later she was born. Her name...Kensie Michelle. And just like that, I became a mom. And then nine months after that I was pregnant again. This time, a boy. And nine months later we had Mason Gregory. I felt like I became a mom all over again.

Anyway, it's my favorite New Year's memory.

Fast forward>>>>

Here's our little family today....January 1, 2012.

Can't imagine life without them.