Sunday, April 14, 2013

A few things...

{1} Mason had his 2 year check-up last week. Technically his appointment was over a month after he turned two, but who's counting?

Two year stats:

Weight: 36 lbs (99%)

Height: 36.5 in. (85%)

Head circumference: 51.5 cm (90%)

He officially weighs more than Kensie (by 2 lbs.) and I recently bought both of them some summer shoes in the same size (10). The SAME SIZE people. They are eighteen months apart. Craziness. 

{2}The ladies from the women's ministry team at our church are putting together a cookbook. I just finished designing the cover and chapter pages. (I used my go-to editing site).

What do you think?

{3} It's April 14th and there are snowflakes the size of quarters falling right outside our living room window!! The weather lately is just so gloomy and dark and cold, cold COLD! My car said 35* on the way to church this morning. Depressing. I've been mentally wishing I was here...

{4} I'm turning 30 years old a week from today. And to be honest, I've never been more excited for a birthday. Strange, right? I'll have to do another post on my feelings, but I am so thrilled to be leaving my twenties. There are just a lot of hard transitions in life during that decade that no one really prepares you for. No one. I'm ready for a new and fresh decade.

{5} I'm really cherishing our schedule-free mornings without having to rush off to school right now. Generally, we sleep 'til about 8:00, breakfast at 8:30 and don't get dressed until 10:00am sometimes. But it won't last forever, I know. We are looking into signing Kensie up for preschool next fall. It seems crazy to think that school days are just around the corner. But she is a kid that will totally THRIVE in school. She is constantly asking me for "math problems", loves to pack her backpack, take a walk around the living room and pretend to "go to school". I'm just not looking forward to waking up earlier to get her there. I'm totally going to be the disheveled looking mom who pulls up to school at the last minute with messy hair and still in sweatpants.

Oh well. I'm really okay with it. I'm just not that peppy, morning, pulled-together-at-7:30am type of person.

{6} We have been researching kitchen counter tops and sinks for a while now. I think I've made up my mind. We're going with laminate b/c it's the most affordable. But don't worry, this is not your grandma's laminate. Here's the counter top I want...

Wilsonart's Mardura Pearl Pattern

And that's what is happening around here these days!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Cedine 2013 {What I learned}

"Cedine Ministries is a Christian Bible CampRetreat, and Conference Center located in eastern Tennessee along the Watts Bar Lake section of the Tennessee River. Cedine is a ministry to youth, adults, and families with an outreach ministry that includes Bible quizzing, Bible correspondence courses, and devotional guides.
Cedine Ministries exists to honor God and His Word by partnering with the Church in evangelism and discipleship training through quality camp, conference, and outreach ministries, with emphasis on the African American community."
{All above information is from the camp's website located HERE.} 

Our church travels down to Cedine every year over spring break to help work around the camp doing whatever projects are needed that year. Our family has gone three out of the past four years. It's been pretty challenging with little ones but it's one of the few missions-type trips we can all go on together, so we really enjoy getting down there over spring break.


I will say first off, this year went much smoother than last year. There were definitely melt-downs throughout the week and we dealt with them accordingly. But overall, it was much MUCH easier. It's amazing what a year can do. Last year, we had a one year old who was still drinking bottles, transitioning from baby food to table food, had just taken his first steps but unable to walk without help and was napping twice a day.....AND a two and a half year old who was still in diapers full time. This year had other challenges like resolving sibling fights (which I expected) but the kids could generally do the same things, eat the same foods, and run around together.

So in hopes of giving you an adequate recap, I will share with you all what I learned this year....

We spent most of Easter Sunday in the car, driving.

I learned that praying and talking about expectations with your spouse before a trip like this relieves SO much stress.

Thank goodness for DVD's!

I learned that kids can spot water towers from miles away. This became a fun game as they shouted them out while driving.

The winding road leading up to camp.

I learned that winding roads still make my stomach feel yucky.

I learned that Mason's favorite car activity is reading or sleeping and that Kensie's favorite activity is coloring or brushing her Barbie's hair.

The swings just never get old with these two.

Greg and a couple other guys worked hard all week laying these steps down to the canoe launch. Didn't they turn out great?

I learned that people really open up and are willing to listen when you work alongside each other for a whole week. I was so thankful to get to know some new people in our church!

Other projects around camp included chopping some trees down. Mason loved watching the "worker guys".

Alex and Mason. These two are more alike then you want to know. They got into all kinds of trouble together.

Kensie smiling even bigger this year!

I learned that Kensie still loves riding horses, while Mason wanted absolutely nothing to do with it.

This girl kills me sometimes.

Mason went to "work" with daddy most mornings and loved getting dirty.

I learned that Mason reminds me of his daddy more and more everyday. They were quite the pair this week. Working together. Eating together. Wrestling together. So sweet to watch them.


Many a meals were eaten in this place. None of which I had to cook!

Watching the talent show.

I learned that Mason will start strumming his air guitar every time he sees someone else playing one.

We have some very talented young people in our group!

Leaving camp early in the morning.

I learned that NO amount of coffee will ever make me a morning person.

We stopped at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville for a couple of hours.

Mason did not venture very far from the tool table.

Kensie did not venture very far from the train table.

Lunch with our sweet friends, Todd and Julianne.

I learned that Gatti's Pizza buffet let's kids ages six and under eat for FREE. Four adults and four kids in this group. You do the math.

Mason and Jay roaming the green hills of Tennessee.

I learned that families grow quickly, children are precious, and moments spent with friends we rarely get to see are priceless.

Jay with his week old baby sister, Carrington Joy (I just LOVE her name!)


I learned that if we put the pack n' play too close to any piece of furniture in the hotel room, Mason can and will climb out.

I learned that while sleeping in hotels can be fun, it's nice to hear your oldest say, "Mama, are we going home tomorrow? I miss my bed."

Taking a much needed nap at the hotel.

I learned that sometimes, you just need some warm chocolate chip cookies from McDonalds to feel like you can drive just a little bit longer.