Monday, August 31, 2009

Last week. This week.


bonfires. hobo pies. story telling. and monopoly with the cousins.
38 week picture documented. and a sewing project.

38 week pic

sewing projects: 2 roman shades in the nursery in need of a hem


(another project is currently in the works
using the leftover 2 panels I cut off the bottom of the shades)


Doctor visit on Wednesday. More sewing projects. Last minute house cleaning.
And I'm wondering which one of the following babes our little girlie will look like...

Mr. Gregory Peter

Miss Shannon Michelle

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So, apparently a baby can drop and then decide to undrop? That's the latest. I went in yesterday for my check-up and I feel as though we are working backwards now....blast! No dilation, and yes, our little girl has floated back up toward my ribs. Fan-freakin'-tastic. The only nice thing was I dropped a couple pounds! (which I expected with my decrease in appetite lately, and it's quite normal the last few weeks of pregnancy). But hey, it's a mental boost anyway and I will gladly take it.....aside from the whopping 45 lbs. I've gained this whole pregnancy. Geesh.

I had a conversation with a teenager yesterday who asked if it "felt weird to have a baby inside of me". After talking for a while, I realized that I've forgotten what it feels like to NOT be pregnant. The kicks and punches throughout the day. The hundreds of bathroom trips. The convenient shelf to rest my hands on. The waddling. The profile I've grown accustomed to as I walk by a reflection of myself. It all just feels so normal now, it truly is hard to imagine not having this round belly. But, to be honest....I'm going to miss it. I know it sounds weird. But, I'll miss rubbing my tightly stretched skin with lotion every night. (only to be replaced by a flabby stomach with nothing to offer but flabbiness). I'll miss trying to guess which body part is poking out as she twists and turns in there. And, I'll miss all the conversations I've been able to strike up with perfect strangers who can't help but ask when I'm due. It really has been quite a journey. And it's only the beginning...

** Thanks for the comments on being induced in the last post. It has been great to hear all of your different experiences. We may end up having to go that route if she continues to be so stubborn! Stay tuned in...**

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nothing yet...

So, just to update on my last doc appointment....nothing new. I was pretty disappointed. I thought with as much pressure as I've been feeling down there, something would be different. Nope. Still no dilation, and only 50% effaced. So, I wait until Tuesday to see if anything new has happened.

In the meantime, I've heard quite a few stories about induction. Apparently (from what I've heard), being induced is the way to go. It's a scheduled date that you can plan for, you get your epidural at a time when your not in too much pain yet, and boom the baby is born! I try not to get sucked into these stories, but it does sound rather enticing. However, I can't help but wonder how good that is for your body or the baby. I mean, forcing your way into delivery? I can understand if the baby is too getting too large, or if you are way past due....but out of pure convenience, to say I want to be induced on this date because it sounds the coolest, or it works with my schedule the best, or frankly I am just uncomfortable. Where's the excitement, the anticipation, the spontaneity? I could go either way I think. What do you think??

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Progress...I think?

I have definitely seen a change in the last week! As I get more and more uncomfortable, I've noticed the following:

~Achy and swollen feet 24/7. Getting out of bed in the morning is the worst. It feels like pins and needles on the pads of my puffy feet. I wear Greg's crocs inside the house daily to relieve some of the pressure, which does help a bit. Up until recently, I could keep up my 30 min walks around the neighborhood 2-3 times a week. This week, we cut it down to 20. And my pace feels about half as fast. But it still feels good to walk in general, so I'm gonna do it as long as I can!

~I think I hit the bathroom 5 times in the middle of the night last week!! I've been going about 3 regularly, but this sure tops it off! Quite bothersome really. But, it's practice for those midnight feedings right?

~ New pelvic pressure. At least once a day, my right leg completely gives out from something "pinching" the right side of my pelvis. She's gotta be bumpin' into a nerve down there or something, cuz it shoots a lightening bolt down my leg that sends me straight to the couch for recovery! It hasn't happened in public yet, but I don't see too many couches laying in the grocery aisle that I could lay on if needed, do you?

~Decreased appetite. For once. This whole pregnancy I feel like I could eat a COW. Until now. I haven't had a huge interest in stuffing my face like I used to. Maybe I'm distracted by the fact that we are going to meet our little missy in a matter of weeks! Or maybe I'm busy trying to organize the nursery!! Or maybe I'm busy thinking how Greg and I will be at this whole parenting thing!!! Oh wait....maybe I'm busy thinking how on earth am I going to push this watermelon out of a lemon sized hole!?!!!! ok.....*breath*. "People have been having babies for hundreds of years Shannon. You too, can do it".

~Crazy dreams! Nothing I can ever really remember. But, seriously weird and twisted. They aren't neccessarily related to having the baby or being pregnant either. Just wacked out dreams of ALL kinds.

I get to see the doc on Friday...hopefully supporting the progress I think I'm seeing. :)

"3 more weeks. 3 more weeks. 3 more weeks...."

Thursday, August 13, 2009

She's dropped!

Good news from the doc yesterday! It looks like our little miss Mulder is heads down and is dropping into position! Yay! I had a feeling she had dropped some, just by comparing my profile pics. But, it's always nice to hear it from the doctor :) My cervix has thinned 50% with no dilation yet. I'm right at 36 weeks now, with nothing holding this baby back except maybe a few more weeks. Everything is looking great!

36 weeks

On another note....I had to take my wedding ring off yesterday :( . I woke up 2 days ago and my hands were puffy from a humid night's rest. My finger had a slight purple tint to it in the morning, yikes! I had to wait until evening again and a good rinse under cold water, but was finally able to wrench it off. I find myself fingering for that familiar accessory on my finger only to find it missing every time. Sad day...but only a few weeks left.

My goals this week are to pack the hospital bag, find a pediatrician, and get that car seat in the car properly....she'll be here before we know it!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anniversaries, cousins, and baseball

Baseball is America's past-time you say? How about anniversaries?? We had so much fun at the local White Caps game last night celebrating 4 years together. Better yet, we joined Greg's cousin Beth and her husband Dan in celebrating THEIR 5 year anniversary! In fact, I remember attending their wedding very well. You see...after the reception, Greg drove me out to the beach that night and proposed among the dune grass....we were married almost exactly 1 year later. Sweet times indeed.

So here's to anniversaries, cousins, and baseball! Oh, and Greg did catch a foul ball for me too :) Then after I snapped a pic, he gave it to an adorable, bright blue-eyed, 6 year old girl instead...such a softy :)

34 weeks