Thursday, September 9, 2010


Today's post is in honor of my due date one year ago....the coveted 9-9-09. Although I was more than THRILLED when miss Kensie Michelle came three days earlier on 9-6-09. Still a cool sounding date....if you are into numbers at all. I know I am.

But, has it really been a year????? Really???

(the last of the chair pic series...12 months)

And here I sit, pregnant yet again at nearly 14 weeks already!

Soon to be a mom of 2. Crazy.

As far as pregnancy #2's a quickie list:

1. Was hardly sick at ALL the first trimester, and extremely thankful for that!

2. Started showing much sooner than the first (most people say that's normal for round 2)

3. Crackers. Chips. Ice cream. Cookies. I want it ALL. Need I say more??

4. Slowly kissing my summer physique goodbye...

5. What happened to the "glowing-clear-skin-when-your-pregnant" look, cuz if I get one more help me...

6. I can't stop wondering if I'm going to have a difficult baby this round, cuz Kensie was such an EASY baby.

7. I'm excited to actually be WARM this winter with my very own built-in heater. (Unlike the perpetual sweat I endured last time.)


And that's that! Sounds like my oldest child just woke up from her nap! Peace out!