Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A fun way to display your Christmas cards!

Here's a creative way to redo a frame and turn it into a fun way to display cards, pictures and your kids artwork...

1) I took the frame OFF this painting. This snapshot was taken last fall, and the painting has been moved to a new wall space since then. It's amazing how much a frame (or lack there of) can change the look of a piece of artwork. I love the painting so much more now without the frame.

Ok, moving on....

2) Paint the frame however you like!

I used my trusty crackle spray paint from Hobby Lobby. After each coat, I sanded it around the edges a bit to get the antique look I wanted.

3) I used tacks and pushed them gently into the backside of the frame. 5 tacks on one side of the frame and 6 tacks on the other evenly spaced. This creates the zig-zag look I was going for.

4) Next, I used my (seemingly endless) twine to create the zig-zag.
I tied off the first one securely and simply strung it back and forth around each tack until I reached the end--then, tied it off securely at the end.

(Make sure it's pulled fairly tight, so it doesn't sag when you add the clips and paper at the finish)

5) I bought some miniature wood clothespins (Hobby Lobby) to hang Christmas cards and some homemade snowflakes with.

6) Stand back and admire.....

I can't remember what blog I saw these snowflakes but, they are SUPER easy to make. All you need are pipe cleaners, pretty paper, a glue on jewel or button (whatever your taste), and some super glue! I made a ton to hang on the tree as well. These would be cute to put on a present too, don't you think?

I hope you find a fun way to display your Christmas cards! I can't wait to get more in the mail....it's always so fun!


  1. Hey! There's my our card! Love how you displayed them. You are truly quite the craftswoman!! I'm still displaying mine up on my laundry room door... love to see everyone's faces every day.

  2. You are so creative it makes me sick. just sayin'.


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