Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rough morning

Thank goodness for naps!! I can't say it enough. Today has been one of THOSE days.

This morning we headed over to a friends house. Kensie was prepped and excited to play with their new puppy, while I was planning to help my friend make one of those frames I made over the holidays here. It was a win-win in my book. I could get some craft/adult time with a dear friend, and Kensie could play to her heart's content in a different environment with an adorable little dog named Toby Mac.


Kensie DID love the dog at first. She's always been a dog lover--any shape, any size. It doesn't matter. But, today she began crying every time that cute little pup yipped or would get too close to her. She would run to my heals and beg to be picked up. After enough times we tried moving to the living room where Kensie could play with Lego's. The dog was separated by a gate in the dining room at this point. But, as soon as I left the room she would come running and beg to be picked up. I was sure if she got distracted enough she would play independently like she always does.

Anyway, to make a long story short....

I realized after feeling her gums 2 hours later she has 2 huge molars squeezing through those puffy red gums! Poor girl!! No wonder she has been so clingy the last few days. And the funny thing is, I've been PRAYING this would happen. I know, crazy right? She's just had quite the slowwww teething process. Only getting one measly tooth at a time. I joke with Greg that by the time she's done teething, baby Mason will just be starting! Ugh. The joys of motherhood. Anyway, I know she will be miserable for another day or two, but it will be so worth it in the end.

Why can't they just get them ALL at the same time??

I will say, I do enjoy feeling so needed by her. Nobody can console her these days, not even Dada (which is sad for him)...but hopefully she'll be back to her happy self soon. In the meantime, I will take all the cuddles I can get.

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  1. It is hard to know when those molars are coming in. I remember when Annabelle was getting her 2 year molars. She was so crabby and nothing could make her happy. Finally a couple months later I realized what the problem was. After some tylenol she was pretty happy. I wished I had know what the problem was so I could have been a little more patient with her.


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