Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Feelin' it...

...the stress of the holidays that is.

I love Christmas. Really, I do. Decorating. Shopping. Christmas music. Celebrating our Savior's birth. The one day I know for sure my hubby doesn't have to work. I could sit at home all month with my husband and daughter with the tree lit, the fire a blazin' and a yummy homemade meal and watch in excitement as they open their presents. I also love having great friends for get togethers with no expectations other than enjoying good company.

But, unfortunately....it's the family parties that have been stressing me out. You've been there right? Good. Didn't think I was the only one. Well, am I ever there.

It started last year when Kensie was only 3 months old. As a new mom with the "first" grandkid, it was a BIT overwhelming. I couldn't have my baby sleep when I wanted or where I wanted. There was nowhere comfortable to nurse at any of the parties. And I felt so alone. Greg's schedule was absolutely nuts last year. And it just got to be too much too soon. (That's the short version). This year, I'm 6 months pregnant with a 15 month old....feeling like all I want to do is stay home in my candy cane PJ's, wrestle with my 1 year old and watch Christmas movies with my hubby.

When it comes to parties, Greg and I have very different views. Not bad, not wrong, just different. If there were 5 family parties on five different days in a row, he would go. He would be excited to go. For me...not so much. I look at the holiday season as a whole. One too many parties scheduled on the calender and I start to flip out a little -- namely extended family parties.

Anyway.....last night I think I cried for 30 minutes after going to bed. So bad in fact, that I came out into the living room and just sat there in the dark. Pitiful I know. Maybe pregnancy. Maybe stress. Maybe both. Or, maybe I just need to suck it up...

But, I would love to hear what your families do for the holidays. Do you go to BOTH extended sides? Do you reserve Christmas Day only for you and your kids? Do you rotate every other year? What has worked well, and what hasn't??? Any comments are welcome.


  1. Hi Shannon,
    I'm a friend of Kate's and read your blog from time to time. I thought I'd introduce myself and respond to your question.

    I have four kids. My oldest is nearly five and a half. My youngest is just six months. When I was at your point, I remember being really stressed out by the holidays too. We have both sides of the family around and we do it all. I always felt like it was a circus and I didn't want to be involved in it!! I just wanted some peace and to keep my baby in his routine.

    However, the older my kids have gotten, the more children that have been added, and the more times I've been through the holiday season with children, the more I've learned (rather been forced) to flex. Really, it's only a few days. And I've come to realize that my participation, and hopefully good attitude, blesses those around me tremendously.

    If you can just hang in there, I promise these times will get easier. It's just part of having little ones. No matter how you slice it, the holidays are going to be crazy with little children. It's just the way it is.

    Not sure if that's helpful, but it's just been my experience.

    Merry Christmas! And I hope you can catch a bit of rest here and there.


  2. Hey Shannon--
    I can relate...it's a mess. We're going to my parent's tonight, skipping out on Steve's mom's side tonight, C-mas day with just us tomorrow, then the 26th with Steve's family, the 31st with my dad's family and the 2nd with the extended DeBoer clan. CRAZY. Add in radiation 5 days a week plus at least 2 add'l doc appts a week for me and I'll be insane soon.

    I'm finding it really hard to get into the whole "Christmas" thing this year, I think I could almost skip it all.

    I hope all your gatherings go better than you think and both children cooperate :)


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