Saturday, December 11, 2010

Front porch and a snow munchkin

A neighbor down the street sold me this awesome cottage style bench for $60 last

Red star stuffed with greenery from Hobby Lobby.

Some large branches I shoved in a tin bucket and filled with some bush clippings I picked up on a walk one day. I just wanted something to hang lights on, and this was the perfect spot.

I usually use this garland indoors, but I really like it outside (again with lights).

Vintage sled found at an antique store for $25. The red broom was a white elephant gift several years ago...random to put it on the sled, I know, but it's the right color, so......

After knocking down the icilces. Now, I can walk out of my house without fearing for my life (or Kensie's)...those things were scary.

Now, for some utter cuteness:

I think playtime in the snow was a success...look at those red cheeks!
She took the BEST nap after this.
Stay warm friends!

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