Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow....

It sarted snowing yesterday. It literally has.not.stopped. There's over a foot already, and we're still expecting more.

(view from the kitchen window looking at our invisible driveway)
Love it. Hate it.
All at the same time.
But, honestly we shouldn't complain AT ALL. We didn't see a single snowflake until Decemeber 1st. And if you are from the midwest-->you know that's amazing in it of itself, right?

And after 9 Christmas's with snow, I can't imagine one WITHOUT it. It just makes me want to sit by the fireplace with hot cocoa and a blanket while gazing at the twinkling lights throughout the house. warm.

That reminds's the mantel I've been meaning to post. A quick shot of it anyway...

(You may notice there are 4 stockings already. My loving mom has made all of them thus far...and she didn't waste any time in making one for baby Mason on the way!)
Now, back to the snow...
After living in Michigan for almost 9 years now (wow has it really been that long?), I have a much better understanding of the four seasons as well as the four letter word S-N-O-W.
California has a TON of stereotypes. Some of which I still have to defend....I'm proud to be a native Californian and will always consider myself a "West Coast" girl. But, I also see the beauty of Michigan, and think it will be a wonderful place to raise our family--despite all the bad stereotypes the Midwest gets as well. I'm sure all my west coast friends are thinking "But, WHY do you still live out there?!?"

It's not that bad. Really.
I may complain occasionally about the weather, but people make a place a "home". And this is my home now. And I couldn't be happier. So bring on the snow!
Just don't ask me in February if I love it. There will probably be some curse words coming out of an 8 month pregnant witch. Just sayin...


  1. Wonderful pictures Shannon! Thanks for sharing your decorating, your house is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Love the decorations! So beautiful! Can not believe all this snow! I was SO grateful when Greg came running over after I got stuck in the driveway! You guys are the best! :)

  3. Ok seriously your cute house is a little annoying!! haha i love reading your blog! such good ideas to copy!


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