Saturday, June 25, 2011

Garage Sales Galore!

Today was a perfect day for garage sales! With the Mr. gone at work all day, the kids and I ventured out in hopes of finding three things: a crib and mattress (more on that in another post), some kids clothes, and a beach tent.

NONE of which we came home with. Of course.

BUT, we did snag some pretty good deals!

$2.50 for all these toy cars. 
I decided it was time to invest in some "boy" toys but, Kensie has been playing with them ever since she got home! This is how she arranged them just before going down for her nap.
Mason--these are for you. Kensie is just warming them up until you are ready to play with them, ok?

$9.00 for this battery operated 4-wheeler (brand-new)
The previous owner bought it for her daughter. She sat on it one time and was scared every time she pushed the button to make it "drive". I sat Kensie down for a test drive...and let's just say we brought that sucker home lickity split!

$6.00 for this entire light-up Christmas village
(not for each one but, for the WHOLE set people!)
I am incredibly excited about these!! Christmas in {almost} July!

I didn't even care that they smelled slightly of smoke and that all the lights work except one bulb is missing (easy to replace!). So excited. Have I said that yet? Ok, you get the idea.
I. Heart. Christmas.


And this is what I'm currently enjoying after all that bargain hunting.
Yes, time for some "me" time while the munchkins nap.

Happy Saturday!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dada's Day {in photos}

Without this strong, steadfast, loving man...

I wouldn't have these sweet moments to watch... the way he connects with Kensie...

...and the way she looks at him...

...and the way they laugh together...

Oh, how we all love this guy. So incredibly much.


And, here's a quick clip of Greg's ideal day of celebration
(just moments ago)...

What Dad wouldn't love that??


{Now all THREE of them are sleeping! I really think I'm getting the better end of the deal on this one.}

Happy Father's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

A taste of summer

Strawberries remind me so much of summer. I just had to bring this yummy summer(y) fruit indoors.

And with the leftover party decorations from Kensie's birthday last year, I didn't have to buy a thing!

The tiny plate reads:"May the Sun Shine Warm upon Your Face"
I love summertime.

Fresh lavender from the front yard. mmmmmmm.

I love this welcome sign {Hobby Lobby}. It keeps rotating walls throughout the house and I still haven't used those adorable magnets--hmmmm suggestions?? 

And this lovely {fake} bouquet was passed on to me from my sister Lauren. She's getting quite good at arranging flowers and this was a "practice" bouquet for a wedding she did--Lauren made the fake ones so the bride could get an idea what she wanted....AND THEN made the real ones for the actual wedding--yeah. Who does that?? But, I was happy to take them off her hands. :) She needs to become a florist. Oh wait, she's already a super-genius practicing pharmacist. Yeah, I'm just a little proud {ok a LOT}.

Here are 2 more bouquet's my lovely Lauren made that I tucked into an old dusty keepsake box my Mom found in her shed. Thanks for the idea Lolo!

And this pic {from our honeymoon} is the epitome of summer. Ahhhh. Such good memories.
Have you brought some summer into your home yet?

Monday, June 13, 2011

21 months and 3 months {a list}

{1} When did my Kensie girl grow up so fast? I mean, I know it happens a little bit everyday. But, where does the time go??? Yeah goes even faster with the second one. I'm just marveling in these thoughts lately.

{2} We are entering some new stages with this girlie....nothing catastrophic....just a few more fits, some more outright, "NO's!"--from her that is, some trial-and-error disciplining and I'm waiting for the day I walk in her room to discover she's {finally} managed to crawl out of her crib....seriously. It's coming soon, I can feel it.

{3} This girl adores her two blankies. We hadn't washed them in ::cough over a month cough:: Gross. She sleeps with them at night and during naptime, so the window of getting them washed and dried is very short during the day. Annnyyway....we finally washed them the other day. Here's a clip of the reunion:

Don't judge out nasty un-finished basement either ok?
When I see it on camera I cringe...ick.

{4} Some new things she LOVES to eat: oranges, fresh cherries (after I pit them of course), and salad--of all things.

{5} She could really care less about Mason right now--other than trying to intercept my lap when I'm about to feed him.

Speaking of my handsome little devil, let's get to that list:

{1} Just turned 3 months but, looks {and feels} like he's 6 months.

{2} Has a lot more personality than Kensie did at this age. Smiles at anyone and flirts with ALL the ladies. Oh dear.

{3} Sleeps  between 8-10 hours at night. Praise the Lord for another great sleeper!

{4} In general a very content little guy.

So those are the kiddo updates! Working on a decorating post soon...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Snaps of Memorial Day and the playroom

What a beautiful Memorial Day we had on Monday!
It was sunny {85*} and gorgeous.

A perfect day for the parade downtown.

The marching bands are always Kensie's favorite.

And when we got home, the kiddie pool finally made it's debut for the season....

It was a hit, to say the least.


And if you have time this week, make sure to stop by Hobby Lobby! Lots of fun clearance items.

Like these cute butterflies I snagged for the playroom {$1.99 each}--sorry I cleaned out the rest of 'em on the shelf! But, there are lots of other fun summer(y) things like umbrellas, pinwheels, chinese lanterns. If you are looking to have an outdoor party this summer, then go.

Makes you want to giggle huh?

Kensie {read: Shannon} has been pointing at them all week in excitement.