Friday, January 30, 2009

I finally did it!

Welp....I've given in.

...given in to the world-wide phenomenon of blogging. I'm usually a late bloomer when it comes to the newest technology. I owned my first cell phone my third year of college. I fought tooth and nail to join facebook, and eventually gave in 2 years ago to become an official facebook junkie, and now, I am beginning my first ever blog! I still don't text though, so don't bother sending them. :)

I have seen much value in reading numerous blogs however, as it's a great way to keep updated on friends and family all around the world. I always get excited when someone posts something new, and I often wonder if people are as curious about my life as I am theirs.

The title of this blog has a couple different meanings. First, it is simply so you can stay tuned into my life through fun and hopefully witty updates :). Second, it is my goal to be in tune with my God, and the people around me as best I can. The times when I am completely tuned in to what He wants for my life are moments I don't forget. They are not always easy per say, nor come often enough, and might not make much sense at the time. But, looking back on them is a priceless reminder of what He has brought me through. So, stay tuned in to my life as I seek to stay tuned into God.

Welcome to my blog!