Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheese please...

The BAD NEWS is...

I am having a CHEESE fetish lately.

Sliced cheese

Mac 'n Cheese

Cheddar flavored chips

Melted cheese on tortillas, eggs, soups, sandwiches, pretty much anything



Notice how the last one ends in "zits"...also happening these days. Awesome.

The GOOD NEWS is...

I am a few days away from officially being in the third trimester! YES!!

This second trimester has gone by much faster than the first. Praise.the.Lord.

I am so thankful for the ability to carry another healthy baby, but I have to be honest:

I don't love the pregnancy stage.

My legs hurt. My back hurts. My brain is...uh...gone. I can't remember yesterday, what I just ate, where my phone is, if I shut the garage door, how old my daughter is or where she is......ugh!

3 more months....3 more months....3 more months....

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