Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crafty weekend! {plus garland tutorial}

Mason is turning one in less than a month.

And for once in my life, I'm actually getting a head start on party planning.
Also unreal.
{I'm a dreamer AND a procrastinator if you couldn't tell already. Bad combo.}

So, here's some pinterest inspired projects I accomplished over the weekend!

I love all kinds of garland. This one might be my new favorite! It's a mix of a few different ideas I found on pinterest.

Here's what you need to make it:

{1} I found this giant pack of rainbow assorted scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby (50% off)

{2} Paper punch I already had (also from HB)

{3} Basic yarn (HB)

{4} Use the punch to punch out a variety of patterned paper and fold them in half.

Next, grab your average glue stick.

{5} Place the yarn inside your folded paper and glue shut!

{6} I spaced them randomly in groups of 1, 2, and 3 on the yarn. I think it gives it a vintage feel.

{7} Hang your cheerful garland!


My Mom brought her sewing machine over yesterday to help me make these fun ruffled streamers!

I won't bother with the tutorial.

GO HERE to find out how easy it is! This lady posts great photos and very helpful hints.

I followed it exactly and I'm so pleased with how they turned out!

I bought 4 rolls of streamers not knowing how much I would need. 
2 rolls of white.
1 roll of blue. 1 roll of yellow.
I may have to go back and buy some more.

I could see re-using these for parties/ weddings/ showers to come!!


And's how I spent 2.5 hours last night.

Let's pretend I'm kissing my hard-working mommy arm in the middle pic and not (what looks like) smelling my armpit.

Can you tell I'm pretty proud of myself?

Greg kept asking if I needed help but me and my darn competitive nature just had to finish it on my own!

Well, I'm proud to say I did.

And, after all that effort I couldn't wait to give it to the kids the next day. I think they appreciate it. And happy early birthday to Mason...this is your big present!


Phew! What a weekend of productivity.

Feels so good...

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PS- if you'd like to see the rest of Mason's 1st birthday inspiration board visit my pinterest page HERE.


  1. Your Mason is adorable!! Thanks for the nice visit over at my place! Love your present-- you did good!! I am your newest follower! So happy to have found your cute blog! Excited to poke around!

  2. Thanks for the visit over to Sew Gloried! I'm so happy that I stopped back at your because I love that ruffled streamer idea you've just blogged about! I'll surely be following your posts from now on!

  3. That kitchen came out great!! Love the garland too! =)


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