Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Psssh...I can do THAT!

There's a difference between thinking you can do something, and actually doing it. Am I right?

Yesterday, I shouldn't have been too surprised when our kids pulled stunts where they both probably thought..."Psssh...I can do THAT MOM!"

The morning started with Mason hitting the deck right before breakfast. I set him in the high chair, turned around to grab the tray by the sink and heard a loud crash! (I know, totally my fault for not strapping him in). He must have leaned forward to try and grab the cheerios from the counter that were close by. He fell and the high chair tipped over and fell on top of him!! So scary. But, he hardly cried, and there's not a scratch or bump on the kid. Amazing. Pretty sure some angels caught him on the way down to the hard wood floor.

HAHAHA! You can't stop me mom!

Fast forward to just a few minutes before dinner the same day >>>>>

Kensie thought it would be a good idea to stand on her bouncy ball when I wasn't looking and she fell face first on the wood floor. Are you seeing a pattern with everyone falling on the wood floor? What is with that?! Tons and tons of blood from hitting her upper lip, and a front tooth partially chipped. This is her SECOND chipped tooth. Oiy. Thankfully they are just baby teeth.

bouncing their little hearts out...without a care in the world.

We have not had any major hospital trips as a result of injuries...but between these two, I'm pretty sure we will at some point. If they don't go, I just might. I nearly had 2 heart attacks in one day!!


Glad Monday is over!


  1. Shannon, love your post! Kids!!! LOL! Gotta love em! And look at them bouncing boogers! Too cute!

  2. so funny :) I feel kind of bad for laughing? But I can totally see my kids doing the same kind of thing :) of yeah - did you get my email about the paint?


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