Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If you like "before" pics...well then, these are for YOU!


Last Thursday night, after the kids were in bed, and we were happily plopped on our separate couches with separate laptops, scrolling through our separate FB accounts, exchanging the highs and lows of our day (yes, our life is really THAT exciting...don't be jeal.) Anyway, Greg announces that he would like to invite 2 of his brothers over on Saturday to help gut the basement.

Whoa. Hold up.

(**blink with perplexed brows and shake head slightly at the same time**)

I was shocked.

What?! We've been talking about finishing the basement for HOW LONG and all of a sudden you want to gut the basement on SATURDAY!? (Please understand: my husband needs T.I.M.E. when making big decisions. Finishing the basement? I figured it was never gonna happen).


That's the good news.

The bad news is what I'm about to show you......prepare yourself as we enter the dungeon:

Good-bye happy world above ground level!

Welcome to the basement.

Now, it doesn't look so bad here (depending on your perspective)....

Other than the unorganized pile of junk haphazardly arranged on the floor. (There's a method to my madness, okay?) The only thing I actually use in this room: the treadmill.

But, what lies behind those walls of paneling you ask?
There's gotta be more to the basement than just this "junk" room, right?

Get ready for the most sarcastic basement tour of your life...
Lets go see what's behind that paneling then, shall we?

There was once a shower gracefully placed right under the ceiling light you see glowing in the picture below. While I never showered in it myself ('cuz we ripped the sucker out as soon as we moved in) I always thought it was so convenient. Placed right next to the exposed sump pump (the hole in the corner) for easy draining. PLUS, there was an outlet also directly above the shower. I imagined plugging in my blow dryer, so that the moment my shower was done, I could blow dry my hair without even stepping out!

Let's keep taking the tour, shall we?

Turn around.

Oh, look! I see some light down there....

Why yes there is! Let me TAKE you there! Come on!!
**skip skip skip**

THIS is the laundry room! Isn't it grand?!

 But, what's that dark color running down the wall underneath the window?
That's just from the flood of '09 where we got 18" of water in our basement.

No. Big. Deal.

And don't you just LOVE the variety of colors on the wall?

Golly, that horizontal striped pattern above the chest freezer (probably from old shelves, I'm guessing) adds SO much dimension. Don't you think??

And THIS? Well this completes the tour of course. Just another beautiful corner of loveliness.

Okay I'm done.
Let's go back upstairs where my brain can think clearly.

While I'm excited about the idea of having a usable basement with a larger playroom for the kids, I know it will still be a loooooong journey. And don't get too excited for the after pics. It will not look as nice as the upstairs. But, anything will be better than what we have now!

I'll take pics tomorrow of what it looks like gutted. Now that the walls are down, I can see the whole basement at once. Lots of day-dreaming will happen in the next couple weeks.

Stay tuned!

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