Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blue and gray on the brain!

I've decided it's time for a color change in the kitchen/ dining area. It's currently green. A very cheerful celery green. Actually, it's called "garden fairy" by Benjamin Moore. With green curtains, green pillow covers, and seat cushions, a green painted hutch and green painted shutters. It's been this way for the past 3 years. And I really truly loved it. But a few weeks ago I decided I was done with green. Has that every happened to you? One day you just wake up, look at your walls and think, "I'm just DONE with that color". I like change, so we are switching things up and I can't wait to see the end result!

Here's what I've got in the works so far.....

The blue Waverly print fabric was what inspired this mini makeover. But, then I found THIS gorgeous fabric online and I had to get it....

It came with the striped coordinating fabric (below) and BOOM...had to get that too. My fabric selection was complete.

Now that I see all three prints together I can really visualize the end result! I'm going for blue/ gray with some beach-y elements. The fabric will be used to make curtains, pillow covers, seat cushion covers for the dining table, and a skirt for the built-in...and maybe a table runner if there's some left over.

Oh, by the way--I don't even OWN a sewing machine. Ha! I'll have to borrow my Mom's for a while...thanks Mom!

Gray can be a tricky color to pick too! And Greg is we are not big on painting more than once. So....we must be very careful. Very very careful. I will be staring at these paint chips for a while before we decide on a color. Plus, it needs to match the "vanilla cookie" by Benjamin Moore that we already have on the ceilings and adjourning walls.

Golly, I love decorating! Wait 'til you see the lights I bought over the weekend to mount on the wall in the fireplace room!!

Breath Shannon.....breath....


If you'd like to see the rest of my pinterest inspiration board on this project...go HERE.

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  1. I'm growing to love decorating more and more too. I'm TOTALLY sick of my bright green wall in the living room. But since we're "supposed to be moving soon" (we've been told that since last July...) I just am trying to hold out all future decorating/purchasing things until our new base/home. It's a good exercise in self-discipline. :)


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