Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random updates...

Life seems to be a blur lately yet, I find myself not really wanting to blog about any of it. Nothing very inspirational to share. Just life. So here's a quick update for those that are interested:

  • Mason's been teething (or at least I think so). There has to be SOME reason he's not been napping well, waking up early in the mornings, fussy, drooling, wanting to chew on anything, pooping like crazy (sorry TMI), and just not himself.
  • Our house has not made any progress. Just look at the picture from the last post and it's identical to what's there today. Nothings changed. If anything it's only gotten messier. Piles of tools on the counter, stacked paint cans on the floor, piles of papers that you never know where to put, laundry covering the couch. Just messy. And I don't care.
  • I'm DONE nursing! Have been for a while now. But, it sure took a couple of weeks of feeling crappy before I felt normal again. As in...I thought I was pregnant there for a minute I was feeling that bad. (Which I'm NOT just to clarify). And the day I finally did feel good again was the day my cycle started. Awesome.
  • Greg's been working like crazy. Nuff said.
  • We have several events this weekend. I should be looking forward to them...all fun times with friends, potlucks and parties. But, being a mom of two kids under the age of two it just means shuttling the kids all over the place, figuring out child-care, etc. I will be fine once I get just gives me a headache sometimes.
  • We are seriously looking a purchasing a vehicle and it has been very stressful. I've been the work-horse behind it (which I happily volunteered for!). But, just like buying a house it takes time and patience.
  • My Mom came out last week and did a front yard make-over for me! She helped me find some plants I love and basically re-did the entire planter area. Love it! Now I just have to keep up with weeding. Pics soon...
We have been loving the weather lately--Indian summers in the Midwest are the BEST!

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