Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Toothpaste {a friendly competition}

Every couple months we go through another tube of toothpaste.

(Usually Crest, 'cuz I'm high-maintenance when it comes to my teeth and I'm a spender. Greg would brush with baking soda if he had to, 'cuz all he thinks about is how much that tube of Crest is costing us....aren't we such a good balance for each other?)

Anyway, every time we near the end of yet another tube something ignites in Greg and I. Well, it ignites in Mr. Penny-pincher first ('cuz he wants to get every last dime outta that thing) and I follow along ('cuz I'm oober competitive).

A battle of the wills.

Who will be the one to finally throw it away and start a new one?
Oh, it's onnnnn.

Who usually wins?
mmm not me.
(guys have stronger thumbs okay?)

Am I bitter about it?

Do I cheat?

Who's keeping track?
both of us.

Is it childish?


Competitive much??
Just a little.


  1. Love it. :) Trav and I are the opposite!! He'll thrown MANY a thing away when there's a little less than a quarter less, just to start the new one! Drives me BONKERS!!! :)

  2. Wow that is impressive! We don't share toothpaste so we could never have this competition. Plus I am super not competitive so I would just not care.

  3. Ha!! Love it!! I finally said we had to buy toothpaste again. We ran out awhile ago and have been using up all the sample ones we've gotten from the dentist. I finally told Mark that one we had left were making me nauseous and the baby needed new toothpaste. ;)

  4. Bill is exactly the same way, he would just not brush to save time and money. I too am the spender. but totally not competitive. I just let him struggle to get the last little bit out of the tube and open a fresh one for myself :) LOVE this post!!!

  5. The little sample ones from the dentist are what I use when I feel like cheating sometimes. I can say it now becuase Greg already caught me once. Whoops! I am determined to beat him one of these times for real and when I do, you WILL hear about it :).

  6. Oh yeah - I'm crest only person too! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog - it made my day!


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