Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My motto

My new motto lately {one of many by the way} has been this:

"Mommies think about mommy things and Daddies think about Daddy things"

It's silly, but I say it ALL the time.
It has recently helped avoid many a conflict between Greg and I.
All in all, it keeps me sane.

Here's some {purely hypothetical of course} examples:
  • When packing the diaper bag...
    • Mommies remember everything for baby--plus some extras.
    • Daddies remember everything accept the most important thing (ie: got the formula, but forgot the the wipes, but forgot the diapers).

  • When eating a snack...
    • Mommies eat the same thing as their toddler to avoid a scene--or sneak it in the kitchen when the child is not looking.
    • Daddies eat what sounds the best at the moment (like cheetos, or cookies of some kind)--in the living room, with an open can of Mt. Dew on the floor between munching, IN FRONT OF THE CHILD.

  • When putting the kids to bed...
    • Mommies (1) brush the toddlers teeth (2) get them in pj's (3) turn on the fan [for noise] and (4) shut the door.
    • Daddies do 2 out of the 4.

  • When doing "man-required" projects around the house...
    • Mommies don't do "man-required" projects but, if they DID (and some of you mommies may) tools would be color coded and hanging in alphebetical order with labeled bins for scraps high up on shelves AWAY from kids. Am I right?
    • Daddies leave every possible tool and scrap piece out in plain sight until whenever they get around to working on it next--usually on the floor. Perfect kid magnets.

  • When coming into the house...
    • Mommies take their shoes off and line them up against the wall.
    • Daddies drop their shoes (and socks!) wherever they feel like it--usually in high traffic areas.

  • When sitting down for dinner...
    • Mommies only put the food out that will be consumed.
    • Daddies leave ALL food and preparations out 'cuz they "might" eat some more later. And it ends up staying out until bedtime rolls around.

So, while we still have "discussions" about these everyday things....I am TRYING my hardest to plaster my motto across my brain and let go a bit. It's not worth fighting over petty things. And honestly, there are a LOT of things Greg thinks about that hardly ever cross my mind.

  • How to financially plan for our future and our kids' futures. Remember, yours truly is Spender McSpendsalot.
  • In what order to do house projects. I often just want the end result, and don't care how we get there.
  • Coming up with more efficient driving routes when we take family trips (his super-power).
  • Being adventurous and willing to let the kids try new things. I have a comfort zone so big that it needs it's own zip code. Really. Truly.
  • Taking the kids outside with him while he works around the house. I would just do it during naps, but he takes the time to work along side them. Precious to watch.

Who knows what next week's motto will be but for now, I'm thankful for both of our roles. We need each other.

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  1. Well said! Bill and Greg think the exact same way, I'm the spender, he's the saver, I can totally relate with all of this! I'm sure there are just as many thigs (if not more) that drives him bonkers about me! thanks for the laugh (reminder)


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