Monday, August 8, 2011

Mr. Mason Man and Miss Kensie Girl {new stages}

This boy has a smile that can light up a room. Seriously. And those big blue eyes--just like his big sister. He melts me from the inside out with that sweet face. He's 5 months today and just gets cuter by the second.

I never thought boy babies could be cuter than girl babies. You know what I mean? Not that girls are cuter than boys...I just always had it in my head that baby girls would ALWAYS beat out baby boys (in the "cute" department anyway). But, now I bite my lip. I tell Greg almost every night before bed, "I really never thought a boy could be cuter than Kensie but, I think Mason just might have passed her up!"

I've said it before but he has SO much more personality than Kensie did at this stage.

Who knows how that will translate once HE turns 2. Speaking of turning 2.....someone is crossing over to her second year of life in a month.

Miss Kensie has had a few more spanks and time-outs this week. Oh my dear Kensie girl. She has run out of teething excuses, up-too-late-last-night excuses, etc. As one friend put it, she's just growing up. Testing to see which buttons are best to push. I see her frustration when she can't communicate, or can't finish whatever task she's trying so desperately to finish. And I see her wanting to make her own choices. Not just the ones I give her. *Sigh*. And I'm trying to stay calm. Make lots of eye-contact. Talk calmly repeating the SAME thing for the ten thousandth time. Many of my friends have kids between ages 2 and 3....and well, I think I'm next. Should be an interesting year to say the least.

I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to potty training, moving to her big-girl bed, and being in the front lines of parenting. Consistency is key but patience is fleeting. So pray for me if you think of it.

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