Friday, August 5, 2011

Mr. Noodle

I love our town. It reminds me so much of the town I grew up in. Cute little downtown with unique shops and boutiques. Farmer's Market every Wednesday and Saturday. Just minutes from the beach. Small enough to run into people you know. A place where "college-town" meets "family-friendly". A perfect place to raise your kids.

It's definitely what gets me through those tough mid-west winters sometimes.
That's for sure. 

Every Thursday night {during the summer} is Street Performers Night!

It's basically an outdoor talent show featuring a variety of live performances throughout downtown. They close off the street for easy walking and performers litter the sidewalks in every nook and cranny.
Hip-hop dancers
Juggling acts

and Kensie's favorite.....

Mr. Noodle

Well, that's what we call him anyway.

Big shoes. Red nose. A hat full of tricks. Silly suspenders and white gloves. The quintessential clown.

He never says a word but, has the ability to capture an audience {especially kids}.
What a fun and rewarding gift he has!

Unfortunately, he wasn't there last night. We walked up and down the street while Kensie repeated, "Noonle...Noonle...Noonle".

Even the "juggling-fire-while-riding-a-unicycle" act didn't impress her.

Let's hope Mr. Noodle is there next week, or I'm gonna have some serious explaining to do.

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  1. Yeh, where was he?? Geesh, doesn't he know we look for him every week?!? :) Elijah was delightfully distracted by the Gentex balloons making a reappearance, and the break dancers nearby =)


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