Saturday, April 28, 2012

Looking forward to summer

I'm starting to get really giddy and excited about this summer. 


You see, the last three summers have gone something like this...

July of 2009

Pregnant with baby #1--in the third trimester.
Hot {and I don't mean sexy}.
Sweaty {and I don't mean just a little}.
Extremely uncomfortable.
Feeling swollen, fat and incredibly sassy.
Counting the days 'til my impending September due date.
Overall, the most miserable summer I can remember.

July of 2010

Pregnant with baby #2--we had just found out but hadn't told anyone yet.
Feeling a little nauseous.
Trying to keep our {not quite walking yet} 10 month old from eating sand all summer.
Still carrying baby food, formula and bottles everywhere we go.

July of 2011

Happy to not be pregnant but still don't feel like my normal self at this point in time.
Struggling to nurse a 4 month old {nursing is not easy for me--read about it here}.
Feeling super self-conscious about my legs {you can't tell in this pic b/c I'm sitting down. If you have bad veins like me you know what I mean. The bulgy veins don't show until you stand up and then BAM! There they are.}

So all that to say....


Sure..they are both still in diapers. And I'm pretty sure Mason will still eat the sand. But, they are both good ages to enjoy the sprinklers, kiddie pools, and running around in their swimsuits! There will be no baby food or bottles to worry about either! And while my legs are not "perfect" at least the bulgy veins are GONE.

Bring on the heat baby!

I'm ready for it. 

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