Sunday, April 15, 2012

Date your husband

About four months ago I was organizing our family photos and I discovered something:

There were hardly any pictures of Greg and I in the past few years! Sure....there were tons of pictures of the kids. And a fair amount of good "family pics", with all four of us in the same shot.

But, pics of just the two of us? Not so much.

At least not like the pics we took while dating in college. When all we could think about was the next fun date we would plan and the next cute picture we would snap. Oh those were some fun days....

This last one still cracks me up!

So, I created a new folder on my desktop titled "Date Nights". The goal was to start taking pics of when we would go on dates! I loved the idea and couldn't wait to fill my new folder.

How many dates are represented in my fancy new folder??

Ummm two. At least two that are documented. I know we've been on more than but failed to pull out the camera!

Here's what we've got so far....

I did a post on THIS if you want the details.
We went ice skating with Santa! This was such a fun date...we felt like total teenagers!

Just last night. We went to a wedding and then randomly grabbed six friends to go watch the Hunger Games afterwards. PS--totally LOVED the movie!

Snapped these pics while going through the car wash. Why didn't we take one at the actual wedding or at the movies with friends?? 

Don't ask. We're a work in progress okay?

 The car wash pic is what you get.

Here's hoping to fill our album with some more over the next few months!! I have to keep telling myself it will be SO fun to look back on them 50 years from now.


  1. Shannon this is a grew great idea! Yes! I may just have to steal it!! Isn't it funny how the photos just end up being kids and family.. I so get ya and I need to do this too! Thank you! And- I LOVE the carwash photo and ice skating with Santa! Too fun!!

  2. Cute! We definitely have this problem too lol. Someone recently asked me for a picture of myself for a post and I litterally had to give them one from my honeymoon {3 years ago!} because we just don't take pictures of ourselves anymore! Definitely going to have to start trying harder to get some pictures lol.


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