Saturday, December 17, 2011

A surprise date and my first try at picnik {unrelated}...

Last night I was able to surprise Greg with a date! We have not gone out (just the two of us) since before Mason was born.

Seriously. I know. Too too long.

This was just one surprise out of twelve. The idea is not new by any means. But, it's new to us! It's called {get ready!} "The Twelve Days of Christmas". Original I know.

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me...."
{now it's stuck in your head huh?}

Each day {for 12 days} you give your spouse a little present leading up to Christmas Day.
It could be as small as his favorite candy bar left on the seat of his car.
Or a kind note listing your favorite qualities about him.
Or like last night, a surprise date!

A gal at my church started the idea by inviting a bunch of us ladies to join her via FB!
Thanks Susan! It's been such a good way to stretch my love for my husband. He's worth it.

I started by taking him to his favorite place to eat....
B Dub's! Oh yeah.

...and then drove around without telling him what we were doing next...

Ice skating...

...with Santa no less!

This is just like the dates we had while dating in college. So many good memories then. It was so fun going back in time for a night and feeling like kids again!


In other news, I've officially used picnik for the first time!
And, I'm hooked.

It definitely takes some time but, worth the extra few minutes. And I LOVE that I can make a collage. It's just so hard to pick one ya know??

Miss Kensie will be a flower girl for the first time in a couple weeks (first for my Mama and Terry), and then again next June (for Greg's brother--Elliot and Jessica). She will be wearing the above dress in both. It was found for $10 (can you believe it??) at a garage sale and has never been worn! Jessica's Mom bought it and has graciously given it to us! Kensie is absolutely in love with that dress, as am I...and asks to try it on all the time. I usually say no in order to minimize the risk of ruining that beautiful gown before said weddings. But, I wanted to see how much she has grown. It was way too long when she first wore it about 2 months ago...and now she can walk without stepping on it! alterations!

Here's hoping she will actually walk down the aisle.


Hope you are all enjoying the holidays!
We have our first family party today...busy busy!

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