Monday, December 26, 2011

A merry holiday indeed...

We started the week with some sickies in the house but our holidays ended well...take a look!

Dec 20--I woke up feeling nauseous with zero energy. I also decided it was time to take Mason to the doctor's. He had been sick for far too long (nasty cough, runny nose, waking up frequently at night). I can't remember the boy NOT being sick. And a few hours later we walked out of that doctor's office diagnosed with a sinus infection and a prescription for antibiotics (praise the Lord for medicine!) I was hopeful he would be healthy by Christmas Day. I, however, felt worse as the day went on. Chills. Sweating. Chills. Sweating. Achy. Weak. Nauseous. Kensie was also getting over her own sniffles while simultaneously being disobedient. Great day. Pshhhh.

Dec 21--Mason on the mend but still crabby. Kensie on the mend but still disobedient. And me? Well, that day was a blur. All I remember was putting one movie after another in the DVD player for Kensie to watch while I laid on the couch. All day. I was miserable with the flu. Both kids had their flu shots in the fall so at least I knew I wouldn't pass it to them.

still in the mood for a pic despite the those two!
 Dec 22--Started to freak out a little. My body was revolting against me. Along with the flu I started hacking away with a deep and painful cough. Awesome. We were planning to have Greg's family over on Christmas Eve. Things were not looking good. At all.
Dec 23--Woke up for the first time not feeling totally sick to my stomach. My fever broke. A miracle! My cough continued but I didn't care. I felt 1000 times better! Mason had successfully slept another 12 hour night in a row. Christmas was looking a little brighter....

Dec 24--I felt 80% normal again. I rushed Kensie to the mall in the morning to see Santa last minute. She absolutely loved her mellow sweet way. She chatted about it the whole way there and home. (Similar to our Disneyland experience).

We went ahead and had the party with Greg's family at night. Total success! I've never seen so much generosity from one family in my life! We are blessed.

Dec 25--Christmas morning with my little family. Loved every second. Time with just my hubs and my kids. Utterly overwhelmed with joy. They are so precious to me. And feeling healthy was the best gift I could have asked for. So thankful.

I could go on about the nice gifts we exchanged and tell you I have the greatest husband in the world who probably outdid himself this year by totally surpassing all my expectations--which he did. Maybe another post on that.

But, I really saw the importance of Christ this year. And how he blesses us with relationships. And how that's really all that matters.

Kensie was so excited to receive this nativity set as a gift.
She often picks baby Jesus up and presses him to her cheek for a "hug".

And can I just say...Christmas is even more fun now that we have kids. I've heard the best years are only to come! Cannot wait.

Merry Christmas!

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