Friday, December 9, 2011

The attention span of a 2 year old... kinda like a squirrel.

She started out singing her favorite Christmas songs and just like when a squirrel sees a nut, she quickly goes in a different direction. You'll see what I mean...

I'm probably the only one that understands every word. But, in case you missed it here's the order of events...

  • Starts by making up a little diddy, "Baby Jesus, I luv youuuu!".
  • If you listen carefully she then sings the "B-I-B-L-E".
  • Trying to get back to the Christmas tunes she then sings, "Jingle Bells".
  • Makes it through the first verse (twice) and decides to sing her "A,B,C's" (version from Super Why on PBS)
  • Nope. "No mo songs" Mama.
  • Decides to try "Jingle Bells" again.
  • During her swivel dance move she gets distracted and plays peek-a-boo through the back of the chair with Mason. "I see you!"
  • Realizes I'm recording and begs, "Kensie see da picture?".
  • Forced to say says "Merry Christmas".
  • Nears a meltdown cuz she still wants to "look da picture".
  • I cut her off and say bye.
  • THE END.

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