Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How to center your header {I did it!}

I was so thankful when one my sweet followers left a very helpful link on how to fix my header. Thank you so much Angie! You should check out her gorgeous blog...

Anyway, I'm passing on this awesome website! It has TONS of great tips and advice on everything related to designing your blog. This is my new go to!

Click HERE for help on how to center your blog title!

Makin Cute Blogs |  Freebies, Tutorials, Resources, & Design Elements!


  1. Yay! Shannon! I am so happy it worked for you. Doesn't Makin' Blogs Cute have the best advice and tutorials? Your header looks great!

  2. whoohoo! Way to go Shannon! It's looking good girl!!

  3. Thank you girls! I'm so relieved I finally figured it out. It was driving me crazy for a while there!!

    I. need. symmetry. :)

  4. Way to go! I often have to turn to google when I need to figure out how to tweak something on my blog, so it's nice when I find blogs that make it simple! {&& I love how your blog is looking these days!}


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