Thursday, April 19, 2012

Take your pic and edit it too!

Today is April 19th.

Wanna know the first thing I thought when I woke up this morning??

Picnik is closing!!! Noooooooo!

I signed up for this freebie photo editing site not more than four months ago. Roughly around the same time I wanted to start taking more pics of just Greg and I for out "Date Nights" album.

I got lucky too. They had just started offering their premium use for FREE!

First time using Picnik--addicted right away!

And just when I was getting all comfy, they decided to close.



Today I started using a new freebie website!

It has pretty much all the same features and tools. Very easy to use.

And they are also offering premium for FREE right now. (Although I'm sure they will start charging soon).

First time using PicMonkey.

So, get on over and try it yourself!


*I did not receive any compensation for this post and all opinions are 100% mine*


  1. Your eyes look absolutely amazing in that pic of you and Kensie!

    1. Thanks Steph! Gotta give some editing credit to PicMonkey! They have an "eye brightening" tool to give ya some extra sparkle :)

  2. I was bummed about picnik as well! I have used pic monkey a couple of times and so far so good! Your pics are so precious!

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Visit my blog to read all about it.

    Angie :)

    1. I'm so glad I discovered PicMonkey too! I {dare say} I almost like them even better!

      Thanks for the award as well :)


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