Friday, December 28, 2012

Invincible summer and some soup

Packed up the Christmas stuff last night.

I usually wait until New Years Day but I was feeling ambitious yesterday. A little claustrophobic too, perhaps. The holiday decor was crowding me in and the house needed to take a long, deep breath.

Anyway, it was time.

It seems like it gets to be more work every year--this whole packing up the Christmas stuff. But, I'm okay with it. I love transforming the house every few months. When the mantel is finally clutter free and all cleaned off, I get quite excited. I imagine it's the same if you were a watercolor painter who was just given a clean, white canvas, and someone said "Okay, GO!"

With summer on the brain, I just couldn't help myself....

The giant ship, white lantern and two starfish in frames are from TJ Maxx--golly, I love that store.

The shells were all from our cruise when we stopped in the Bahamas--such good reminders of the fun we had there.

The vintage lantern on the left was a sweet gift from my Mama and Terry back when they got married.

I found the tall sea-glass bottle at a local antique store.

Last year, I decided that the best way for me go from "surviving" Michigan winters to actually enjoying them is to have a better attitude about it. Part of that is determined by how I decorate our home. If I can keep a beachy, warm feel inside our home even though it's blustery and snowy outside (which it currently is), then I can at least imagine that it's summer. It's surprising how much it lifts my spirits!

And it doesn't hurt to try a yummy new soup recipe to warm up during these chilly winter evenings!

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

This one is really tasty, although not super filling. I would add a ham and cheese panini to make it a full meal.

So, that's 'bout it around here!

Stay warm friends.



  1. My tree came down the 26th. I also feel claustorphobic with all the new toys added.

    My mom also decorates in a beachy theme. We call it coastal corner.

    Love your mantel, as always !

    1. Oh yes, don't get me started on all the new toys spilling all over the living room! Still need to do some major organizing in that department.

      I didn't know your Mom has a coastal theme! So fun. I actually ran into your sisters and Mom at TJ Maxx the night I bought that giant ship. Chelsea carried it out to my car for me--so sweet! It was snowing and freezing outside and I was wrestling my two kids to get in the car as quick as possible...what else is new, right? Anyway it was a nice surprise :)

      Glad you got your Christmas stuff packed up as well! Feels so good, doesn't it?


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