Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hanging pictures properly {How to:}

My husband is a genius. 

And he totally gets the credit for this ENTIRE post.

I used to constantly nag him about hanging stuff up on our walls. Pictures, clocks, wall art, you name it. This nagging was mostly b/c (1) I had used a hammer and nail ONE time by myself to hang something and totally destroyed a good portion of our wall, which Greg had to spend a whole evening repairing, and (2) I had tried another time to drill a screw straight into the wall which resulted in lots of chipped plaster and paint, which Greg also had to repair...and (3) I just plain didn't know there was any other way to hang stuff!

This post is not rocket science. But it may be juuuuust enough knowledge to save a nagging wife out there like me!

Thus, I give you today's tutorial....

 Today's example is on paneling but this technique works on both drywall and paneling.

I should also mention this is for relatively light-weight wall hangings. I wouldn't use this method to hang a giant mirror. You'll need something more heavy duty for that project!


See the difference??  

You don't want to see what it looks like when you try to take that screw out either. Poor little wall.

Okay, so here are 6 super easy steps to easily hang your pics while ALSO treating your walls with some dignity...

Step 1: Find your power drill and make sure it's fully charged!

Step 2: Use a drill bit that is slightly wider than the width of your nail.

Step 3: Drill your hole! (Make sure to drill in the total length of your nail)

Step 4: The nail should easily slide in!

Step 5: Make sure there's enough nail sticking out to hang your pic.

Step 6: Hang away!

Easy right?!

Like I said, not at ALL rocket science.

But you can bet that I hang almost everything around here these days! 

It sure makes for faster projects and a whole lot less nagging too.

Win-win in my book.




  1. Awe! Love the photos! Super cute! Great hanging tips! I have been going crazy with the Velcro hanging strips- but again, not for anything too heavy!! :)

    Love all your decorations by the way!! Seriously adorable!! Dani has discovered she can see your tree through her window and now we have to check on your tree periodically. She always gasps and says how beautiful it is! :)

    1. I do use those velcro strips on occasion too. They are another great option!

      It's funny you mention our tree b/c I wondered if it was too bright for their room. If the tree wasn't so jammed up against our window I would totally close the curtains at night. But, I'm glad Dani is enjoying it, as long as it's not keeping her up too late for ya! :)


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