Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My sister knows me well

Sisters from left to right--Lauren, Katelyn, Gretchen, Me

My sister, Lauren.

She's two years younger than me. Out of all five of us siblings, we are the closest in age.

However, we were not very close growing up. In fact, I remember despising each other at times. We each had different skills and interests that we excelled in. But there was always this sense of "competition" between who could be better at their certain skill set. We would quietly steal each others clothes and find out later when a picture would turn up of me wearing her shirt without permission, or her wearing my hat--boy do I remember how mad that made me! We would race each other to the shower in the mornings before school to maximize the time spent getting ready. And we especially had a hard time "sharing" the same friends.

But, ever since we both graduated college, got married and moved on in life, we are truly two peas in a pod. 

Sisters and friends for life.

It's more than just understanding each other. We've walked through rough times together. We've bonded on so many more levels than I ever knew existed. Part of me wishes we would have been nicer to each other in our growing up years. But the other part knows that looking back doesn't matter. What matters is the now. 

One thing we definitely have in common is decorating. Really, anything home-related. We've been known to tell the other about a new light fixture we just bought, only to find out the other already bought it! True story.

And when it comes to home improvement, nobody does a better job than Lauren and Dave (her hubby).

Just to give you an idea, here's what they've done to their house...

 This is not a joke. Their old house is hiding in there somewhere!

Anyway, this is how much my little Lauren loves us...

While Greg and I were on our cruise, sneaky little LoLo brought her hubby to our house to get to work. When Greg and I arrived home last Saturday night here's the first thing we saw..

In case you're not sure what your're looking at...

It's a BRAND NEW FREAKING GARAGE DOOR! Purchased and installed by Lauren and Dave.

Ours used to be a lovely poop brown color, with a motor that decided to quit working this past July. We wanted to replace it before winter know how projects go around here. Wasn't gonna happen.

Anyway, Lauren got us the exact {carriage style} door I would have picked out myself!!

This is just one example of how well my sister knows me. She knows my style without even asking, she studies my life and knows that Greg does not have extra time to work on our house, and she knows I absolutely LOVE surprises. :)

Thank you LoLo. 

I love you little sis.



  1. What a truly wonderful gift!! Seriously... that would have made me bawl. :-) Very sweet and kind, Lauren! And wow, did those first few pictures blast me back to the past! :-)

    1. I know, she's a sweetheart :) And that first pic is my fav. Look at adorable Katelyn...can't even believe she was that little!

  2. Oh my goodness!! That is SO sweet!!! When I noticed your new door, I was like - when did that happen??? I thought I just didn't look at that side of your house enough - didn't click that it was brand new!! :)

    Sisters are the BEST!!

    1. I know Jen, I'm STILL in shock every time we leave the house with how amazing it looks. It's like we actually have some curb appeal now! ;)


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