Monday, December 17, 2012

So we have these friends...

You may recall this pic...

circa 2005--at our wedding rehearsal dinner

All six of us went to the same college. 

Us girls were teammates...

Cathi & me                                              Allison & Cathi                                                me & Allison

Our boyfriends became friends b/c either (a) they traveled to our games/ meets together or (b) they were roommates at one time or another.

In a nut shell, we all became friends in college, got married, and each had 2 kids around the same time (not planned at all btw)...

March 2011

It still baffles me how that all worked out without even talking about it...

We've been able to live {somewhat} close to each other and make it a priority to get-together a few times a year if we can. 

It's amazing how much life can change after college. 

And it's so cool to see how this group of friends has remained close after all these years. 

We just got back from a cruise this past week (which I'll post on tomorrow). Just the six of us without our kids, acting as MUCH like kids as we possibly could.

It was a trip we'll never forget.

God is so good.



  1. How wonderful to have such great friendships thoughout the seasons of life!

    1. Yes, they are a pretty special group of peeps :)


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