Thursday, May 30, 2013


Lots of people have been asking how I'm feeling so far this pregnancy. 

And I have to say, pretty darn good considering the circumstances.

Naps have been essential on a daily basis as I kissed my energy goodbye in the early weeks of this first trimester, but overall I feel really good. Actually, of my 3 pregnancies thus far...I've been the least sick this time. Which is super weird b/c everything I read about twins says double everything. You should expect to be doubly tired, doubly hungry and TWICE as sick. I can attest to being extra tired and constantly famished, but my lack of nausea is almost strange, right? I was actually worried that something might be wrong, but my doc has reassured me it's normal, and I might just be extra lucky. Granted, I was never "throw-up" sick with either of my previous babies, but I definitely remember more times of feeling yucky.

My other theory for not feeling queasy is this: around the same time I found out I was preggo, I also started visiting a chiropractor regularly. Nothing majorly wrong with me. I have always had some tightness in my neck and lower back that seemed to constantly flare up and couldn't be relieved by massage alone. In fact, with bablies #1 and #2 I remember battling some lower back/ sciatica pain. I have a lot of friends who have shared how much a chiropractor has helped them for various reasons, so I figured I'd finally try one out. After doing some more research, I found that pregnant women can especially benefit from seeing a chiropractor regularly. It keeps your hips in line, making labor and delivery easier. Relieves muscle spasms lessening the pain of contractions and that dreaded sciatica issue, and (get this) can relieve or eliminate nausea in your first trimester! So maybe that's why I'm feeling so great.? Either way, I'm super thankful!

But back to feeling hungry all the time....

I literally cannot make it more than two hours without eating something. In fact I recall a particular Saturday morning a few weeks ago. I had breakfast with the kids around 8:30 like normal. Around 10:30 I went to change Mason's diaper. A normal changing session turned into a wrestling match b/c he was feeling extra disobedient that day. All of a sudden I broke out into a hot sweat and felt light headed. I tore off my hoodie to cool off and headed straight for the kitchen. Three large glasses of orange juice and a half box of crackers later, and my blood sugar level finally returned to normal. 

I've always been good about packing snacks in my bag when we run errands. I now pack mini meals with lots of protein and a gallon of water to make sure I always have something quick to eat and drink if we're away from home.

No major aversions to food either. Everything looks good, ALL the time.

Here's what I've been eating lately...

I know my husband is appreciating all the yummy meals lately too! I'm not always great about cooking regular dinners. This pregnancy is definitely boosting our menus around here.


I'll be 12 weeks on Sunday, and can't wait for my next check-up appointment next week to see how the little guys are growing in there!

Hey, "guys" rhymes with "fries".

I'm hungry.

Peace out.


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