Saturday, June 5, 2010

A touch of GREEN

My Mom's favorite color has always been green, and I can see why. She LOVES gardening, and has always maintained a beautiful display of flowers in the yard of every home we've ever lived in. Pictures of lush, green scenery were also found hung throughout each house.

My favorite colors growing up were yellow, then red, then PINK for a long time. Now in my 20's, I think I have adopted all different shades of GREEN into my wardrobe, accessories, and now our home. There's so much beauty in this calming, natural color and nothing makes me want to bring it inside my home more. It's just so friendly and inviting.

Our kitchen, dining room, and nursery are all painted a subtle green called "Garden Fairy" by Benjamin Moore. Our hutch is "Bella Mint", and almost every fabric used for curtains, seat covers and pillow covers are a sweet mix of green and white with touches of blue and red for accents.

Besides green paint I LOVE green plants (usually fake) spread throughout each room. Here are a few recent projects I've finished to bring even more of this color into our home.

I found 4 ugly brown shutters in the shed out back when we bought the house. I had two of them painted this lovely deep mossy green (sorry forgot the name), and made 2 matching wreaths and hung them with ribbon (forgoing the urge to tie them with bows in order to appease the husband). I LOVE how they turned out. I got the idea from All Thingz Related.

This cozy space turns into the Christmas room come winter. I purposely hung the shutters with the slats facing up so we can drape Christmas card from them, with the tree framed beautifully in front of the window.

Next, I made this simple topiary with some moss that I already had filling my apothecary jars(originally from Hobby Lobby) . The idea was inspired when I found the adorable green pot (already painted that color) for $1 at HL.

I first wedged a hockey-puck shaped piece of styrofoam in the top until it was flush with the top of the pot, and then covered it with glue and bits of moss. **If I could do it again, I would add some rocks or some kind of weight in the bottom before putting the styrofoam becomes a bit top heavy when finished**

Meanwhile, I spray painted the dowel rod (pack of 6 from HL) the earthy brown color. Let dry. Then took a razor blade and scraped some paint off to make it look more natural. Once the rod and the pot were dry, I put a dab of glue on the bottom and stuck the rod through the middle of the moss all the way until it hit the bottom. Let dry.

Next, I covered a sphere shaped styrofoam ball with glue and bits of moss. This part took the longest. Once it dried I had to go back and re-glue pieces that were hanging off, making sure no part of the white ball showed underneath. Once the ball was completely done, I simply perched it on top of the rod until it felt secure. The last touch was a small piece of ribbon tied around the pot in a simple knot. Love it.

What's YOUR favorite color to accent your house?


  1. OOOOOHHH Shan! I love it. I wish we lived close to each other so we could do projects like this with one another. I love the shutters idea. When we ever get our own home (not base housing) I want to do something like that!

  2. I love your projects.
    I struggle with decorating. Nothing I have matches. I think it is because I don't want to put a lot into this house when I know we will be moving sometime.
    Maybe when I get a new house you can help me with my decorating deficiency.
    Deep down I am a Martha wannabe.

  3. You are so creative!
    Love the pics!
    Too much green in nature out trees in yard and woods on 2 sides, green corn stalks coming up in 2 neighboring fields, green in ditches along road that I see everyday as I walk dog, and 3 acres of green grass that we mow!! Gotta love the country!
    My house is old and out dated inside......blues, rust, beige...brown carpet, wood flooring... I can really honestly say that I am not tired of my decor....glad to change furniture once in a while.....
    I do enjoy your blog.
    Always interesting!

  4. I love your wreaths! They look great on those shutters!
    I'm looking around my house and it seems that I have a lot of browns and reds...guess I like the warm colors! Well, fall IS my favorite season...


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