Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday projects

I've decided to make my Saturdays more enjoyable by doing something different than my normal routine during the week. While I still take care of the kids and keep their routines the same, I try to switch up my routine. No computer. No TV. All my free time (aka naptime) is devoted to fun projects. It has really helped me look forward to Saturdays (seeing that Greg is gone for most of them). So, over the weekend I got a few projects done that I've been wanting to accomplish for a while.

I'm not the best at tutorials but here is a picture progression of an old window I turned into a fun and versatile chalkboard!

Idea via Pinterest

Now, onto the super easy supplies...



Grungy old window

Clean those nasty windows.

Tape everything but the glass.

Spray 2 coats of paint.

Peel off the tape annnnd....


And I couldn't resist setting up my Christmas village I scored for 6 bucks at a garage sale!


The next project (which I forgot to take a "before" pic cuz I'm smart like that)...anyway, the next one was supposed to be a chalkboard as well....

I painted the mirror black in hopes of writing "Welcome" and hanging it near our entryway.

 All was going well until,


Oh well, guess it will just be an empty frame for a while.

Ahhhh. It feels so good to accomplish things. 

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  1. Cute! I love how these turned out & the colours you chose :) && the second one actually looks pretty good, even without the glass!


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