Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best most awesome/exhausting trip ever!

Wow. Where do I even begin...

I {heart} Californ-EYE-A.

And even more, I {BIG puffy red heart} my family.

We spent 6 days completely surrounded by some of my most favorite people in the world doing my favorite things.


Uncle Rick always showing some humor

Apple pies I made under the wings of my artistic Aunt Gwen

Relaxing and playing...

Story time with "Lolo" and Aunt Gwen

playing in the backyard


Kensie and her three aunt's walking down Main St. for the first time.

First rocket ride with Daddy!
(She didn't cry but didn't look like she loved it either...this was her face before and after.)

Kensie has been talking about Mickey Mouse ever since...

My favorite shot of the castle...it was stunning.

Disneyland during Christmas time = Uh-mazing.

Celebrating my Grandpa Woody turning 90...

Four Generations (minus Kensie)

The community he lives in decorated his golf cart and made a parade in honor of turning 90.
He's a kind of a big deal. :)

Terry and my Mama. Such a happy couple.

Aunt Gwen goes all out for parties. Over 80 people came to celebrate! Most of them being family.

Yes, there are 90 candles.

All FIVE of us siblings together again!! This pic means SO much to me.
From left to right--Katelyn. Lauren. Ryan. Me. Gretchen.


Meeting lots of "new" relatives and making friends left and right.

Grandma Bebe and Grandpa Woody. They just never seem to age! Love them.

My dear Aunt Gwen who I look up to so incredibly much. She's my aunt, my friend and my mentor.

The title of this post says it all. Never has a vacation been more fun and yet more exhausting than this one. 

And after squeezing all four of us into the tiny room pictured above, I've never been more thankful to be home.  


  1. LOVE all the pictures!! It reminds me of our childhood, b/c at some point, I think I've met all those people. And yes, your grandparents still look the same. :)

    Disneyland looks so FUN and GORGEOUS!!! Wish I could take my girls... maybe a little bit later in life.

    So glad your trip went well, Shan.

  2. What a wonderful trip! Glad you had such a great time!! :)


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