Monday, December 7, 2009

Brought to you by the number 3...

3 more weeks 'til Christmas!

3 easy steps to a fun homemade dove ornament copied from Ballard's Designs (again)

1) Use Christmas piano sheet music to cut out doves --glued to cardstock for extra sturdiness.
2) put a thin strip of glue around the edge and sprinkle with glitter.
3) hole punch top and secure a piece of raffia to hang on tree!

3 things little miss Kensie likes to do A LOT lately:
1) smile
2) sneeze
3) smelly toots

3 month chair picture!
You're gettin' so BIG Kensie!

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  1. Oh so sweet! She is growing so fast! Love the tree & the fire, looks so cozy! :)


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