Friday, February 24, 2012

A fashion post {this is a first and may or may not happen again}

Trust me.

I love a good outfit as much as the next girl. But, I also have two kids under two and a half. My typical day includes cleaning, cooking, crawling on my knees, changing poopy diapers, and carrying two 25 lb children on each hip at times. Yes, they EACH weigh 25lbs...Mason is a freakin' tank!

I have a stack of black and gray yoga pants {in varying lengths} so high it's not even funny. I probably should make them into two separate piles to be honest. It's that bad. I look forward to going to church on Sunday because it's the one day of the week I put effort into a cute outfit. {NOTE: I love church for much more than just dressing up...just trying to get the point across that I HAVE cute clothes, just don't get a chance to wear them much}.

I read a lot of blogs where other mom's (like me) make an extra effort to get past the sweatpants and a t-shirt ensemble during the week. Hmmmm that's a good idea. Think I'll give it a try...I always feel better about myself when I dress up. And what husband doesn't want to come home to good-lookin' honey!

So here's my week of dressing up...

Stayed home from church with a sick baby boy...but still determined to dress up!

navy dress-- Francesca's Collections 

white long sleeve shirt-- Maurice's

necklace-- gift from my sister

skinny jeans-- Target

wedge ankle boots-- ModCloth

Didn't end up leaving the house this day....the kids napped at weird times and made it impossible to take a trip anywhere. Not complaining that they are good sleepers. Just sometimes a girl needs to get out! But, at least I looked cute for the Mr. when he came home. And he noticed too...always a good thing!

navy striped dress and black leggings-- TJ Maxx

timberland boots-- online

neckalce-- gift from my sister

earrings-- Banana Republic

leather braided bracelet-- craft at church

Playdate at a friend's house. If you swap the jeans out for yoga pants, this would be what I wear most days...

navy sweatshirt-- Puma outlet mall

jeans-- hand me down from my sister from Victoria's Secret I think?

crocs slip-on shoes-- Amazon

Only two legit outfits (maybe 3 if you count jeans and sweatshirt?...maybe.)  to count for the whole week!


Here's why you won't see many of these kind of posts:
  1. Outfits are hard to put together! They are fun, but shoot it takes time. Lot's of trying things on and standing in front of a mirror. Staring at myself in a mirror for too long makes a girl crazy and a little self-obsessed, let's be honest.
  2. Taking pictures of yourself without a tri-pod or "helper" over the age of two is also difficult. And also takes time. And also requires looking at yourself over and over until you find a picture you like. Again--something I don't need to be doing.
  3. I really feel like I put energy into trying to dress up more and only came up with 2.5 cute outfits out of seven whole days? Not worth posting on a regular basis if you ask me.

Anyway, it was worth trying. And I definitely felt cuter than when I'm dressed like this...

I'm not saying dressing up every day is a bad thing at all. If you go girlfriend! And I'm also not saying I have a good enough excuse by having kids that I don't need to put some TLC into myself every day. So I will try to look nice for my hubby and kids on some days. And I will also wear my stretchy yoga pants on days when I feel like it. Gotta have a balanced life...right?

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  1. Very cute, Shan. You're right - I struggle with not wanting to spend too much time on myself, but it is nice to "get done up" for the day. It's harder for me in the winter months - I am staying indoors all day anyway!

  2. Loved all your outfits! I agree- it is so nice to get dressed up.. but I love my sweats and sweatshirt days so much! :) Thanks for sharing, and Please don't let this one be your last post on style, I really loved it! Have a great weekend! -jen

  3. ok first of all I can't believe your lil man weighs 25lbs! And you look so adorable - love your hair with the braid and bun!


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